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Which Marvel Villain Would You Be According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 2 Aug 2019 127.4k views12 items

There's no denying it - Zodiac signs are hella fun. There's an astrological symbol for each Justice League member as their is for every Avenger, but let's face it, nothing beats a good villain. Luckily, there's a Marvel villain for each Zodiac sign since the pantheon of evildoers in that universe is vast, varied, and vivacious. Some villains truly believe they're doing the right thing, like the progressive Aquarius Magneto, while others just revel in destruction like the Cancer that is Thanos.

A Zodiac sign is a mirror reflecting the traits that define you. Whether these Marvel villains are ruled by these traits, or have honed these attributes with an iron will, these baddies possess defining characteristics of each astrological sign. Hopefully you don't identify with any of them.

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