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23 Terrifying Villains Who Haven't Shown Up In The MCU, But Could

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Each and every year, Marvel adds new films and TV shows to its slate, bringing with them countless new superheroes who fans once thought would never make it onto the big screen. Inevitably, along with these heroes come a bevy of supervillains, some of whom even end up being more popular than their designated protagonist. So far, the MCU has dropped some terrific and terrifying bad guys, like Loki, the Red Skull, and the Kingpin. However, that hasn’t satisfied the thirst that fans have for well-portrayed evil, and they’re still cranking out MCU villain wish lists of all the characters they still want to see.

The future of the MCU may be murky, but there is no shortage of material for the studio to work with, especially if the Multiverse opens the door for non-MCU Marvel movies. From Kang the Conqueror to Mephisto, there are literally hundreds of Marvel villains who haven’t shown up in the movies yet, although some are clearly of a higher quality than others. Still, with over 70 years of publishing history backing them up, the MCU is sure to find enough quality baddies to keep their film franchises going for at least a few dozen more years.

  • In a way, the Red Hulk has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, his alter ego has, at least. Despite his bulky appearance, the Red Hulk is actually aged war hawk General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. General Ross can usually be found hunting down the regular Hulk, but he eventually decided to fight fire with fire and turn himself into a gigantic rage monster.

    Red Hulk was quite the antagonist for awhile, but he eventually joined the Avengers and has been on the side of good. Unlike the green version, Red Hulk retains his intelligence when he transforms, making him even more threatening.

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    Norman Osborn

    Now that Spider-Man has officially joined the MCU, it has unlocked a bevy of bad guys from his rogues gallery. Not only would Spidey’s primary antagonist, Norman Osborn, make an excellent villain for a Homecoming sequel in his Green Goblin persona, but the character would bring with him a huge storyline potential.

    Osborn was the big bad of the entire Marvel universe for awhile during Dark Reign, an arc in which he effectively took over S.H.I.E.L.D. for a number of years. In modern comic book history, Osborn has been significantly more terrifying without the Goblin mask on than with it.

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  • Judging by his appearance alone, Kraven the Hunter might not seem all that threatening. He’s a regular-looking dude with bad facial hair and a garish costume made out of animal skins, but his deadly skill set make him the most lethal hunter in the Marvel universe.

    Kraven famously defeated Spider-Man and buried him alive in Kraven’s Last Hunt, one of the most highly-regarded Spidey tales. Kraven actually committed suicide at the end of the story, but he’s since been brought back in the comics. There’s nothing really stopping him from showing up to hunt down any MCU hero, particularly the street-level protagonists of Marvel's Netflix series.

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  • It’s surprising that Amora the Enchantress has yet to appear in any Thor-related Marvel films, because almost all of his other classic villains have. Amora’s sister, Loralei, even showed up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and her usual bodyguard, the Executioner, is in Thor: Ragnarok, but the Enchantress is still waiting for her time on the silver screen.

    Her mystical might is matched only by her ruthless intelligence, which combine to make her a deadlt threat to even the overpowered Odinson. Whenever Amora does appear, she’ll make an immediate and lasting impact.

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