Unspeakable Times

The Amazing Survival Story Of Mary Vincent

In 1978, 15-year-old Mary Vincent hitchhiked from Las Vegas to California. She got into a van, and 50-year-old Lawrence Singleton attacked, raped, and dismembered the teen before leaving her for dead. Vincent managed to survive the attempted murder and get help from a nearby couple. After she received new prosthetic arms for the appendages Singleton had cut off, Vincent addressed him as her attacker to the courts. 

Although convicted, the penal system released Singleton less than a decade later, but not before he tried to sue Vincent for robbery. The courts promptly dismissed his unsubstantiated case. Despite Vincent’s extensive physical and mental trauma, she testified against Singleton a second time years later. After his release from prison, Singleton killed a woman in Florida. In 2001, with the help of Vincent’s testimony, Singleton got the death penalty for the murder. More than a caveat of hitchhiking, Vincent’s story illustrates the resilience of a teen who survived torture and stood up against her attacker.