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The Best Mashup DJs and Bands

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This mashup artists list ranks the best mashup DJs and groups by votes, permitting you to see whom the fans of good mashups think are the best mashup artists ever. While practically anyone with a laptop and a few hours to kill can be a mashup DJ, it takes incredible skill and dedication to become one of the best mashup DJs of all time. This list is designed to let the fans of mashups separate the absolute best mashup DJs and musicians from all of the rest. While mashups are rooted in the art of sampling pioneered by hip hop, the subgenre found wider popularity with Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album. The mashup classic seamlessly blended the songs of Jay Z’s Black Album and The Beatles’ White Album. Girl Talk and DJ Earworm are other classic examples of the genre, but are they the top mashup acts of all time? 

This list of the top mashup artists in the world includes all musicians who have released mashup songs or albums, both young and old, ranging from The Hood Internet to Trever Keith. These are truly the greatest mashup bands of all time, with the order decided by actual fans of the best mashup music.

This list answers the questions "who are the best mashup acts of all time?" and "who is the greatest mashup DJ ever?"

Whether you’re a mashup aficionado or a new fan of the form, please vote for the best DJs based on their released music projects rather than simply their most popular mashup acts that you’ve heard of before.