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The Best Things to Put in Mason Jars

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These mason jar ideas will fill the mason jar of your imagination with delightful ways to use the hippest, most airtight glassware around. Because you've loaded up on Ball or Kerr mason jars in every size, but there are only so many craft cocktails to pour in your sturdy, homespun glasses, how about checking out a list of creative things that you can put in your mason jars? You'll be the toast of Pinterest in no time!

Way back in 1859, John Landis Mason created the first mason jars, not for home-brewed beers or even arts and crafts, but to preserve perishables long before every kitchen had a refrigerator. Once upon a time, mason jars meant survival, but in the 21st century, they mean tasty beverages at the slickest bars in Brooklyn, Silver Lake, and everywhere in between.

Mason jars also mean clever solutions to practical problems, problems like, "Where do I keep all these sea shells?" or "What the hell am I going to do with all these mason jars?" This list of mason jar ideas will provide the answers you seek, so vote up your favorite things to put in mason jars and add even more unique ways to use mason jars if you are in the know.

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