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Master Chief Fantasy Casting

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List RulesVote up the actor you most want to see go toe-to-toe with the Flood and Covenant.

Master Chief, the protagonist of Bungie's fictional Halo universe, is a man of few words - the Master Chief prefers to be a man of action. His real name is John-117, and he's a "Spartan-II" commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Unit who fought during the Human-Covenant war. He also delivers all his deadpan one-liners right after doing something epic, like sending the Covenant their bomb back, solidifying his status as a badass.

There have been countless talks of creating a live-action Halo film, finally bringing Master Chief to the silver screen, but they've all gone bust. Who are the best actors to play a live-action Master Chief, qualified enough to fill the role of a 6'10", 290-pound space marine from the future? Should it be someone dark and mysterious, or someone young and charming? Feel free to add any actors that aren't listed here who would rock a battle rifle. It's a big suit to fill, so they better be up to Cortana's standards.