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Mystifying Math Tattoos You'll Never Get the Answer To

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Are you the super smart type who not only understands math, but sits around doing math for fun? This just might be the perfect list of tattoo ideas for you. This is a collection of math tattoos that will look great on anybody that actually understands what any of them mean. So if you’re looking for math tattoo ideas or just want to boost your ego by sitting around nodding knowingly at math tattoo pictures as everyone around you sits in silent confusion, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll meet a group of people courageous enough to pimp nerdy math tattoos, consequences be damned! These are some seriously cool math tattoos that you can really only get away with if you have the brain to back them up.
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    It's Getting Algebraic Up In Here

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    Zermelo-Fraenkel with Choice Axioms of a Set Theory, the Nine Axioms That Make Up the Foundation of Mathematics

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    This Guy Totally Loves Pi

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    This Guy's Tat Shows the Golden Ratio as Numbers

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