All The Times Neo Doesn't Fall Asleep Listening To Long 'Matrix' Monologues

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When you’re “The One,” there are a few things you can expect - having to fight a thousand secret agents at once, getting offed and immediately resurrected, and being told you're not actually the savior. What you probably won’t expect are all the boring monologues you’ll have to sit through. Across The Matrix trilogy, there is a staggering amount of characters who stop the action completely to give Neo a philosophy 101 lecture - it’s shocking that The One doesn’t fall asleep in the middle of any of these boring speeches.

The Architect is perhaps one of the most egregious offenders: In The Matrix Reloaded, Neo is literally running towards the climax of the film when he suddenly finds himself in a room with a man who rambles to no end. While his speech is necessary to the plot and themes of the series, it's hardly as thrilling as watching Neo save Trinity as she falls backwards out of a building while firing twin .45s at an agent. Here we'll analyze how the savior of the Matrix manages to stay awake throughout lengthy conversations about such riveting topics as causality, destiny, and faith.