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The Matrix is already over 15 years old (we're all old!) and its sequels were released more than 10 years ago, but their impact is still felt to this day. The Wachowski siblings built a massive film franchise that broke records, changed film, and woke everybody up. The Matrix movies are full of depth, nuance, and detail, unlike few other series. There's plenty of Matrix trivia you might not know, interesting Matrix facts to learn, and a host of Easter eggs, but it's all collected here for your enjoyment and education!

The first Matrix film redefined cinema, or at the very least its genre. By the mid 2000s (within 5 years of its release) the bullet time scene had been spoofed/used in more than 20 wide release films. The Matrix Reloaded, when it was released, held the title of highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, until Jesus himself had to come take the title from Neo (in The Passion of the Christ). The Matrix Revolutions was only the second movie ever to release simultaneously in standard theaters and IMAX, setting the standard we live by to this day. 

The trilogy changed movies, and movie going, no matter how you look it at. Plus, it still holds up amazingly well more than a decade later (you can't say that about a lot of the imitators that followed.) So sit back and enjoy these facts you probably didn't know about The Matrix Trilogy. There's more to these films than meets the eye.
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Keanu Really Climbed Out That Window

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For the cell phone conversation scene between Neo and Morpheus in the MetaCortex office Keanu Reeves actually climbed up the window, which was 34 floors up, without a stuntman. Keanu is one of a handful of action stars who generally opt to do their own stunts, but he does occasionally allow a stunt double.

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In Memory Of Thomas Anderson

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In the last scene of The Matrix Revolutions, the bench the Oracle sits on has a small metal dedication plate on it that reads "in Memory of Thomas Anderson." Thomas Anderson is Neo's given name.

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The Rain Wasn't Just Water

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In The Matrix Revolutions many of the "raindrops" in the final fight between Neo and Smith are actually single lines of Matrix code, similar to those on displays seen in the "real world" throughout the trilogy.

This subtle effect was added to imply the Matrix was beginning to destabilize. The visual trick was easily seen on IMAX and at larger movie theaters, but can be seen on smaller televisions as banded rain that seems to "jump" like static during close ups of the fight scenes.


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There Are Tons Of Bible And Mythology References Throughout The Films

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The Keymaker, while explaining how Neo will reach the Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, says they will have to knock out 27 blocks of power and they will have exactly 314 seconds before the power begins to reroute. In the 27th book of the New Testament (Revelation), 3:14 speaks of being a witness to the source of creation (which in the Matrix is the Architect). 

In Greek mythology, Morpheus is the god of dreams. This is somewhat ironic considering Morpheus's role in the films is to awaken people from their dream states to reality. That's not Morpheus's only connection to the distant past - his ship's name, Nebuchadnezzar, comes from the bible, as well.


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