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All The Evidence Matt Damon's Character In The Departed Is Secretly Gay

Updated 9 Nov 2018 16.3k views11 items

A decade after the fact, who would've thought that The Departed would turn out to be one of Martin Scorsese’s most debated films? While many viewers believe that the film is a little too on-the-nose thanks to a certain rat who makes an appearance in the last scene, there are plenty of theories about The Departed that beg to differ; they offer up ideas about the subtext that courses through the film.

The most interesting thing about the movie isn’t the twist on the gangster story that Scorsese tells, but rather the sexuality in The Departed. Honestly, it's something that can be examined for hours. The biggest hang up about the film is the evidence Matt Damon is gay in The Departed, something that makes the film  - a look at the hierarchy of the Boston crime world – even more complicated than it already is.

For all the gay bros out there, Colin Sullivan fan theories are infinitely entertaining. Matt Damon’s character takes cues directly out of the closeted jock playbook. Not only does he get way into using homophobic slurs, but his longing looks at his coworkers seem like something that’s more appropriate in an episode of One Tree Hill than in a Scorsese movie. But hey, they work. Damon’s undercover and in the closet routine adds a layer of subtext to this Infernal Affairs remake that gives audiences a reason to go back and watch with a new set of eyes.

What do you think? Is Detective Sullivan gay? Or is he just a man’s man who looks good in a suit?

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