Every Matt Dillon Movie, Ranked

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With over 700 movie fans casting their votes, this list of the best Matt Dillon movies is sure to please both die-hard fans and casual viewers alike. An actor of extraordinary range and depth, Matt Dillon has been captivating audiences since his breakout role in The Outsiders back in 1983. Whether he's portraying a swaggering bad boy or an earnest everyman, Dillon brings each character to vivid life onscreen with effortless charm and raw emotion.

From the iconic coming-of-age drama Rumble Fish to the award winning Drugstore Cowboy, these films showcase not only Matt Dillon's immense talent but also his versatility as a performer. He commands attention whether playing a hilarious antagonist in There’s Something About Mary or a ruthless criminal mastermind in Wild Things – there’s no denying that he can do it all. But what are his greatest performances? That’s up for you to decide - so be sure to check out this list of top rated Matt Dillon films and vote for your favorites.

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