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Matt Leinart Loves and Hookups

Updated May 9, 2019 6 items

Who is Matt Leinart dating? This list includes all of the celebrity women Matt Leinart dated, arranged by most recent. Matt Leinart relationships include TV personalities, actresses, models, and an athlete. 

The list of people Matt Leinart dated includes a number of reality TV staples. Former Matt Leinart girlfriend Kristin Cavallari dated the athlete in 2006, before moving on to current husband Jay Cutler, another NFL quarterback. Matt Leinart married actress Josie Loren in May 2018. Matt Leinart wife Josie Loren appeared on TV series Make It or Break It

Is Matt Leinart single? Find out on this comprehensive list of Matt Leinart girlfriends, featuring their birth places and what they do professionally. Matt Leinart exes include Paris Hilton and Aly Michalka.