A Well Respected-Scholar Lived A Double Life - And Is Now Considered Britain's Worst Sex Offender

Criminals who use the Internet to find their victims employ a number of tactics to maintain their anonymity, which is how Britain's most sadistic sex offender went nearly a decade without being apprehended. Who is Matthew Falder? On the surface he was a bright young man who’d earned a PhD in geophysics before the age of 30. He was well liked among his colleagues, and even had a girlfriend. But that was all a mask of normalcy meant to hide his obsession with committing vicious acts of mental terror on anyone he could catch in his trap.

These facts about Matthew Falder's crimes are disgusting. He was based out of Birmingham, England, but his crimes stretch to many corners of the world. They bring to mind sadistic rapists and serial killers of past decades, but the twist is that he never met any of his victims. Matthew Falder preyed on innocent young people through the internet and spent years blackmailing them into doing horrible things until he was caught in 2017. Falder may now be behind bars, but his victims, many of them teenage girls, have lasting mental scars.

  • Matthew Falder Encouraged The Sexual Assault Of A 2-Year-Old

    Falder convinced his victims to send him half-naked or fully nude photos and then used those photos as blackmail to force their subjects to commit increasingly disturbing acts for his own pleasure. He told the girls that he would show the pictures to their friends and family unless they did exactly what he told them. Falder made his victims lick toilet seats and used tampons, eat dog food, or consume urine and feces. He also encouraged a father to sexually assault his 2-year-old son.

  • He Preyed On His Victims By Adopting Various Online Personas

    The easiest way for Falder to find victims was by adopting a variety of personas through the Internet. His most popular was "Liz," a  female artist who supposedly used young women as models for her art. As Liz, he would convince the girls to send him photos of themselves naked or partially naked, for which they'd supposedly be compensated. No one knows exactly how many personas Falder had, but the accounts he used most often were "evilmind," "666devil," and "Inthegarden."

  • He Said He Had A Daughter That He Planned To Torture—And It Was What Brought Him Down

    Matthew Falder thought that he was pulling the wool over everyone's eyes until he was caught by an international global taskforce. The taskforce started looking into Falder in 2013 when they noticed someone with the username 666devil post on a dark web torture forum. He used a picture of a young girl as his icon, claiming she was his daughter. He asked other members of the torture forum what he should do to her. The taskforce, during their efforts to identify and safeguard the girl, discovered that the username was connected to two other accounts called evilmind and Inthegarden

    After a four year investigation, they connected Falder to an address in Birmingham, and he was placed on surveillance for three months. The former professor was finally arrested at work. All of his computers were seized, and after three days of interrogation he finally cracked and admitted that he'd been viciously assaulting victims online for years.

  • He Set Up Cameras In Bathrooms When He Was A Student At Cambridge

    Falder's cyber crimes began when he was a a student at Cambridge. He placed cameras in the student dormitories to watch his peers. He was just 21 years old when he began his voyeuristic escapades. Cambridge has since stripped the PhD grad of his degrees from the school.

  • Three Of His Victims Attempted Suicide

    Three Of His Victims Attempted Suicide
    Photo: FixersUK / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Even after Falder was put away for 32 years, many of his victims have mental scars that will last a lifetime. Three of his victims made suicide attempts, and some of the young women that he blackmailed say that it will be hard to trust anyone again. One victim told ITV, “I'll always be scared of meeting new people."

    The woman, who was 15 when Falder first contacted her, says that he messaged her every day just to remind her that he could release her photos if he wanted. It completely consumed her life: "When I wasn't actually talking to him, I was worried about when the next message was going to come through," she said.

  • Falder Used The Photos As Dark Web Currency

    Information is scant about some of Falder's worst crimes, but according to the BBC he was a "VIP member" of the dark web. During his eight-year reign of terror he shared pictures of his victims pinning embarrassing or offensive signs to their skin or standing on tacks.