Weeks After Getting Out Of Prison, He Was Found Eating A Woman’s Face

In November of 2014, in a small town in South Wales, Matthew Williams was enjoying his freedom after being released from prison for assaulting his former partner. At some point in the night he picked up Cerys Yemm and took her back to his room at the halfway house and hostel where he was staying. Facts about what happened leading up to the crime Matthew Williams committed are scant, but when the owner of the hostel and her son came to his room after they heard screams, they believed they found one of the worst cannibal crimes in history happening right under their roof.

The murder of of Cerys Yemm was horrible and could have been completely avoided had Matthew Williams been given proper mental care. He was schizophrenic and addicted to drugs, which severely altered his perception of reality. Matthew Williams, the man who killed Cerys Yemm, didn’t just commit murder, he tried to eat his victim after he stabbed her to death with a screwdriver. Although he didn't take a bite out of her and was never convicted of cannibalism, he removed her eyes and severely mutilated her body. The facts of this case are gruesome and horrifying.

  • Matthew Williams Stabbed A Woman To Death And Tried To Eat Her Face

    Late one night in Argoed in Caerphilly, South Wales, Matthew Williams brought Cerys Yemm, a 22-year-old shop girl, back to his room at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, a hostel that doubles as a halfway house for offenders recently released from prison. Williams was on probation, having served time for assaulting his former partner. He'd only been out of prison for two weeks when he attacked Yemm.

    When the proprietor of the hotel and her son opened the door to the room where Williams was staying after they heard screams, the pair found Williams hunched over Yemm's body, stabbing her with a screwdriver. Williams was covered in the girl's blood, and he was growling.

  • He Removed One Of Her Eyes

    When investigators recovered Yemm's body, there were injuries to both eyes, and one was removed. Additionally, she sustained blows and bites to her nose, ears, and mouth. Both of her facial arteries were severed, which likely caused her to rapidly lose blood and consciousness.

  • Williams Seemed Not To Recognize His Victim As Human

    When the owner of the hostel and her son checked the room where Williams was staying, they found him on top of Yemm, stabbing her with a screwdriver and biting her flesh. The son said "That's a girl there," to which Williams gave the chilling response, "That's no girl."

  • Everyone Who Saw Williams Said That He Looked "Possessed"

    Many people who peered into the room where Williams was attempting to eat Cerys Yemm said that he looked absolutely demonic. Mandy Miles, the owner of the hostel, has said multiple times that it looked like Williams had "black eyes" when she saw him, and she later compared his face to Darth Maul.

    In court after the incident, the police officer who tased Williams said that when he opened the door to Williams's room, he never felt "more scared in all [his] life." The officer considered trying to engage with Williams but felt that "he just looked possessed" and "totally vacant."

  • Matthew Williams Was Schizophrenic And On Drugs

    Matthew Williams Was Schizophrenic And On Drugs
    Photo: cszar / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Authorities believe that Matthew Williams was in the middle of a schizophrenic episode and on a cocktail of drugs. Rhodri Moore, Williams's close friend, said he was drinking heavily, smoking weed, and taking amphetamines in the days prior to the attack. The night he murdered Yemm, Yemm and Williams drank lager and smoked pot together.

  • The 999 Call Reveals Miles's Utter Disbelief

    The 999 Call Reveals Miles's Utter Disbelief
    Photo: Google / Google Maps

    Mandy Miles, the proprietor of the hotel, called 999, England's emergency phone number, and the recording sounds like something from a horror film. Miles was panicked. She believed she saw Williams eating Yemm, although an autopsy later showed that wasn't the case. During her call Miles said, "There's a lad in the room. He's actually eating her. It's awful. His name is Matthew Williams and he's in Room 7. There was screaming and screaming. Oh my God. It's awful. I went into the room and he's killed her. Oh my God. Is this real?"