Gifs 25 Epic Maury Paternity Test Reactions  

Robert Wabash
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"You are...NOT the father!" Three magic words (or two, if you're hoping to see the result go the other way) can make or break the lives of a man and woman who may or may not have a child together when the Maury paternity tests are administered. The Maury Povich show hasn't always been about pitting mothers against the potential fathers of their babies, but darn it if it hasn't turned into the most entertaining thing the show has to offer.

These "You are not the father" GIFs (along with the occasional "You ARE the father" GIFs for good measure) are a sparkling example of the types that go on "Maury" to determine the paternity of their child publicly when they could have just bought an at-home paternity test and administered it to the dozens (seriously, some of these women go on the show as many as five, six times without identifying the father of their child) of men they slept with in the seemingly small period of time they could have gotten pregnant.

What are the best "You are NOT the father" moments? What are the best not the father GIFs? What are the best reactions of men finding out the results of paternity tests on Maury? Have a look through this list of Maury DNA test reactions and you will see how funny it can be when a woman has no idea who fathered her child. 
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Watch Out, Hammer

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She Was Not Pleased...

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He's Buying An XBox One Immediately

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The Father Is Still at Large

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