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Max movie quotes tell the story of a military dog grieves alongside the family of his handler, who was killed in action. The adventure drama was written by Boaz Yakin, who also directed, and Sheldon Lettich. Max opened in theaters on June 26, 2015.

In Max, Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell) is serving in Afghanistan along with his military dog, Max, a Belgian Malinois. But when Kyle is killed in action, Max is retired and left in a military kennel. Kyle's family, including mother Pamela (Lauren Graham), father Ray (Thomas Haden Church) and younger brother Justin (Josh Wiggins), decide to adopt Max, despite his unfriendly demeanor.

Max helps the family grieve the loss of Kyle, while dealing with his own post-traumatic stress from battle. Youngest son Justin bonds quickly with the dog, which proves beneficial when Kyle's friend Tyler (Luke Kleintank) arrives to pay his respects and Ray leaves suddenly, sending Justin and Max on an adventure to find Tyler and Ray.

Max is sure to bring the tears when it opens alongside other films such as Ted 2, Inside Out, Jurassic World and The Overnight.
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The Nose of a Dog, the Heart of a Marine

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Kyle: The nose of a dog, the heart of a marine, sounds like a hero to me.
Pamela: We're do proud of you both!
Kyle: Oh, you hear that, Max? Say hi.
Pamela: Come say goodbye to your brother. Justin!
Kyle: Leave him be. I'm just over here dealing with a minor insurgency. He's trying to save the whole universe.

In a video conference, soldier Kyle speaks with his family members at home. Kyle talks about his dog, Max, and his kid brother, Justin.
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Your Brother Always Wanted to Be a Hero

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Tyler: Your brother always wanted to be a hero. Look where it got him.
Ray: What do you got in those crates?

Justin talks to his late brother Kyle's friend, Tyler, who doesn't seem to speak too favorably about Kyle. Things get stranger when Ray discovers Tyler with some interesting cargo.
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Max Bonded So Closely with Kyle

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Reyes: Max bonded so closely with Kyle, he can't work with anyone else. ... Are you sure you want to do this?

After Kyle's death, his military dog Max cannot continue to serve and is in need of a new home. Kyle's family takes the traumatized dog in despite it's unfriendly behavior.
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Is Max Like a Bad Dog?

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Justin: So is Max like a bad dog?
Reyes: Max is as good a dog as ever passed through this facility. Animals can come down with post-traumatic stress just the same as people.

Justin struggles to understand what is going on with Max and reaches out to Sergeant Reyes for advice. As Reyes explains, dogs are sensitive just like people.