Total Nerd After Filming Delays, You Can Finally Watch The Trailer For The Final Maze Runner Movie  

Mick Jacobs

After a bit of delay, the final installment of the Maze Runner series looks poised to make a large impact at the start of 2018. The trailer below offers a glimpse at the fate of Thomas and co., a fate that involves train robbery and a deadly plague.

The final installment of this trilogy sends the heroes into the infamous Last City, which turns out to also be the final and most challenging of mazes they'll ever face. As the story progresses, the Gladers will undoubtedly learn more about the mysterious WCKD corporation.

But with conflict and disease thrown into the midst of these adventures, it stands to reason not all of the heroes will make it through this final labyrinth. 

Who do you think will come out on the other side of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure? Watch the trailer to place your bets, and get excited for the exhilarating conclusion to the Maze Runner film series.