20 Insane McDonald's Breakfast/Lunch Combos You Can Now Make

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For as long as McDonalds has been serving breakfast, there have been rumors of the monstrous meals that one could eat if only they were around for that 10:30-11am window, when Mickey D's serves both breakfast and lunch at the same time. But now, thanks to the mercy and grace of Ronald McDonald and his team over at McDonald's headquarters, you can get breakfast 24 hours a day at your favorite fast-food dining establishment. Translation: you have a full day to perfect your most drool-worthy McDonalds brunch hacks. Everyone has tried to work out McDonald’s secret menu for years, but now that breakfast has been extended to an all day affair, the game has straight up changed.

The McDonalds breakfast secret menu has been a well-kept secret for years, but now the whole thing’s getting blown wide open with all the possibilities that the regular menu provides. Do you want to stick your burger in a bagel? You can do it. How about throwing a couple of McNuggets in an Egg McMuffin? You can do that, too. With the all-day breakfast menu at McDonalds, anything is possible. Well, almost anything - some of these items are territory specific. But with the millions of McDonald’s across the United States, you’ll have no trouble trying out all the menu hacks on this list. Vote up the breakfast/regular menu mashups that you would want to try below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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    The Chicken McGriddle

    This is one of McDonalds’ most popular secret menu items, and now it's available whenever you want! The McGriddle combines the sweet, sweet taste of chicken and waffles for a sensory delight. 

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    Bacon And Egg McDouble

    There's nothing like bacon and eggs to start your morning, but the experience only gets better when you add a hash brown to the mix! 
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    The Bacon Cluckhouse Burger

    Mix and match your chicken and pork by adding the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit to the center of the Bacon Double Cheeseburger. 
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    Chicken Sausage Burrito

    If you've got a long day ahead of you, carb up and get all of your daily protein in one meal! Start by taking the chicken strips out of the premium chicken wrap, and then add them to the sausage burrito. 
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    Breakfast Bagel Burger

    These delicious bagel burgers are actually only available in France, which is incredibly disappointing for everyone in the USA. Unless you're going to Paris soon, you'll have to settle for combining two 100% beef patties with an egg and a freshly toasted bagel by adding a McDouble to one of the bagel breakfast sandwiches that McD's has to offer. 
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    The Mc10:35

    This is the most famous breakfast/regular menu mashup: a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin. Before America's favorite fast food chain started making breakfast all day, you had to wait until the witching half hour of 10:30-11am when McDonald's was still cooking up eggs and starting their regular menu. But now you can pop into the restaurant any time you want and order a Mc10:35.
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