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Fan Theories About Professor McGonagall That Are Wild Enough To Be True

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Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in history. It's gifted us with so much magic, lore, and incredible characters that there's bound to be a fanbase to match. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is scour the internet for fan theories, and there are a lot of them. Of all the professors Hogwarts has had over the years, no one stands out in minds and hearts quite like Professor McGonagall. But, it's no surprise that fans are still curious about all the things that went unsaid. Which Minerva McGonagall fan theory do you think could be true? Vote up your favorites!

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    McGonagall Was Quietly Kind To Neville

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    From Redditor u/BetaJim89:

    Did McGonagall throw Neville a bone with the password at the beginning of OotP? I know the portrait usually chooses the password (as seen with the incident in PoA with Neville), but I have to imagine the head of house has some say.

    That said, it seems highly coincidental that the password is not only something Neville can remember, but is also a gift he just got and is excited about. Shows a bit of a softer side to her which I think goes unappreciated.

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    McGonagall Took Over As Headmaster Briefly After Dumbledore's Death

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    From Quora user Aameya Devansh:

    After Dumbledore’s death, Minerva McGonagall was immediately made the Head of Hogwarts, because she was Deputy Head under Dumbledore. But then, due to Death Eater interference, she was forced to leave her post. Severus Snape was made Headmaster and she remained at Hogwarts as Transfiguration professor and Head of Gryffindor. She remained at Hogwarts throughout the regime of the Death Eaters (1997–98). Her previous post of Deputy Head was snatched from her and given to Alecto and Amycus Carrow.

    I think that she would have done anything in her reach to prevent her students from the torture and tyranny of the Carrows.

    On the night of 1 May, 1998, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley returned to the Hogwarts grounds. Harry and Luna Lovegood headed towards the Ravenclaw common room in the search of Voldemort’s Horcrux. However, they were met there by Alecto Carrow, who summoned the Dark Lord by touching the Dark Mark on her arm. When Amycus tried to enter, McGonagall arrived there. Harry cursed Amycus, and then informed McGonagall that Lord Voldemort was about to arrive. McGonagall led Potter and Lovegood downstairs and was met there by Severus Snape. McGonagall, along with the other three Heads of Houses, Flitwick, Sprout, and Slughorn, dueled against Snape and forced him to flee.

    She then asks all the staff to place protective enchantments around Hogwarts in order to delay Lord Voldemort’s entry. She asks the underage students to leave immediately and gives the students who have come of age the choice to remain or to leave. She then took part in the Battle of Hogwarts. She is known to have transfigured the suits of armors, tables, chairs, and blackboards into life so that they too fight the war.

    Once the Battle ends and Voldemort dies, Minerva McGonagall is reinstated as Head of Hogwarts. She remains Headmistress for a long time thereafter, and was still the Headmistress when Albus Severus Potter joined Hogwarts, though she was considering stepping down from her post.

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    McGonagall Would Be A Better Headmaster Than Dumbledore

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    From a Redditor :

    Do you think McGonagall would be a better headmaster than Dumbledore? While Dumbledore may be more famous I don't find all his decisions all that agreeable such as putting the philosopher stone in Hogwarts, near children. McGonagall seems to be pretty much the ideal teacher, able to keep her classes calm, fair and are willing to bend the rules.

    From Redditor u/IIEarlGreyII:

    Answer to that is yes. She is at least as capable in an administrative sense, doesn't constantly leave the school during a crisis, doesn't bring monsters IN to the school, and doesn't place children with abusive relatives. She would be 100% superior as a headmistress.

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    Dumbledore Purposefully Wasn't Honest With McGonagall About The Dursleys

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    From Quora user Ruti Amit:

    Dumbledore says it himself: he never puts all his secrets in one basket. He was always unsure who he could trust and who would have the absolute strength of purpose to do what was necessary. Though Dumbledore possessed the Elder Wand, he was not prepared to use it for evil (and he certainly was not going to teach the Dark Arts). In leaving McGonnagall out of his decision making process, he also assured that she would have no memories that could be forced from her should she encounter a legilimens or be imperiused. He used Lily’s blood sacrifice to create a solid boundary of spells to protect Harry as long as he was a minor and shared a home with his blood relative (in this case Petunia). As he was using a blood sacrifice, chances were that this bordered on the dark Arts. Even this protection was seriously challenged when Umbridge took it upon herself to send Dementors to Little Winging and seek Harry out. What he told McGonnagall was not far from the truth: ‘better he should grow up away from all that’ (the notoriety and speculation). What was so remarkable was that Harry, who suffered abuse and neglect for most of his childhood, was still capable of great love and selflessness. Interpret it to mean that he was a most beloved child as long as his parents were alive and that that love, and sacrifice, is what sustained him.

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