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What Actually Happens During A Nightmarish Eight-Hour Stay In McKamey Manor

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Anyone who is looking for a truly extreme haunted house experience should add McKamey Manor to their bucket list. This might just be the world's scariest haunted house, and it's almost certain to leave you shaking. Originally located in San Diego, CA, the McKamey Manor haunted house can now be found in locations like Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN. Whichever spot you choose, you should be prepared to descend into a living nightmare that, like abduction experiences, could stay with you far longer than you can handle the house. Unlike a stay at a haunted hotel where you might run into a ghost, you will definitely face horrifying things during your McKamey Manor experience. 

You may have heard many stories about visiting intense haunted houses, like the Winchester Mystery House, discouraging even the most hardened of horror enthusiasts. McKamey Manor firsthand accounts make it clear this legend has come to life. This experience is so intense that you have to sign a detailed waiver to get in, and you should expect to encounter horror and grotesque scenarios inside. Sure, you'll be traumatized, but you'll have a creepy experience you can share forever about being one of the few people who survived a real-life horror story.

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    The Experience Can Take Up To Eight Hours To Complete

    Haunted houses usually last somewhere from 15 to 45 minutes. McKamey Manor sets itself apart through experiences designed to last up to eight hours - though no one has made it that long. Those who have gone through the haunt can confirm they sustained bruises, cuts, constant shame, and psychological headgames, and came out shaved and bloodied.

    There's no break in the action. In many cases, the experience continues for a very long time after the attendee has begged for their freedom.

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    It's Filled With Scenarios Designed To Psychologically Break People

    Some have compared McKamey Manor to gratuitous horror movies like Saw or H.H. Holmes' labyrinthine homeThis reputation is at least partially due to the numerous "breakers" located throughout the haunt. Attendees are forced into traps that are reportedly practically impossible to escape.

    One disturbing example is the eel trap. People are locked in a tank that's eight feet deep and swarming with live eels. There's a cage top so participants can breathe, but they aren't given any other special equipment to help them survive or get free.

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    Attendees Might Get In Close Contact With Bees And Wasps

    The McKamey Manor waiver reportedly contains a clause that states participants may have their head stuck into a box with wasps and bees. Those with a bee allergy could easily end up going into anaphylactic shock.

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    The Terrifying Experience Is Different Every Time

    There are a variety of horrific encounters attendees can be chosen for, according to McKamey Manor's waiver. For example, you might find yourself submerged in a 60-foot pool of water without a breathing apparatus. There's also a plank walking stunt that puts people 25 feet above the ground without a safety net or harness. Attendees might be forced into close contact with bodily fluids as well.

    Despite everything that's known about McKamey Manor, it's still impossible to predict the content of each experience. That's because they change it every time.

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