15 Times Marvel Actors Expertly Trolled Their Cast Members

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The Marvel actors are an active bunch - and we're not just talking about on the screen. They've engaged in so many behind-the-scenes shenanigans to fill a long book. Thankfully, the stories aren't scandalous; they're playful! From drawing on castmembers' posters to tagging them in unflattering Instagram photos to roasting them on Twitter, Marvel actors are expert trolls.

Here are 15 examples of Marvel actors trolling one another. 

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    Robert Downey Jr. Welcomed Tom Hiddleston To Instagram By Poking Fun At Hiddleston's Relationship With Taylor Swift

    From James Grebey at Insider:

    RDJ decided to cheekily welcome his Marvel buddy to the social media site by poking fun at his relationship with Taylor Swift — and that eye-rolling "I <3 T.S." shirt he was spotted in months ago.

    "Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of them all to Instagram!" Downey wrote.

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    Ryan Reynolds Congratulated The 'Avengers: Infinity War' Cast On Breaking A Box Office Record By Tweeting His Avengers "Rejection Letter"

    From Ed Payne of WTXL Tallahassee.

    After Avengers: Infinity War broke the domestic box office opening weekend record by taking in $250 million, Reynolds congratulated the fellow Marvel superheroes on Twitter.

    “From a guy who never knows when to quit, I’m glad you guys never did. Congrats #Avengers,” Reynolds said.

    The post includes a picture showing a rejection letter Deadpool received from Tony Stark/Iron Man. It’s on official Stark Industries letterhead, so it must be real. Right?

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    Tom Hiddleston Stole Thor's Hammer And Captain America's Shield And Sent A Picture To The Respective Actors

    This was on the set of The Avengers.

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    Robert Downey Jr. Tweeted A Photo Of Someone In A Spider-Man Costume Riding A Bike With Someone In An Iron Man Costume And Tagged Tom Holland

    From @RobertDowneyJr:

    Who knew @TomHolland1996 would be my ride around town?

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    Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Have Been Trolling Each Other For Years, Even In The Movies

    Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Have Been Trolling Each Other For Years, Even In The Movies
    Photo: Deadpool / 20th Century Fox

    From E.J. Offurum of Screen Rant:

    The feud between Reynolds and Jackman has spanned years, with the two taking shots at one another across all avenues of social media. Among the most notable barbs include Jackman convincing Reynolds in 2018 to inappropriately dress for an ugly Christmas sweater party that wasn’t actually happening. The following year, the two agreed to call a truce to make ads promoting each other’s beverage companies - Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee and Reynold’s Aviation Gin - with Reynolds taking it seriously and producing a loving ad on Jackman’s behalf, while Jackman took the opportunity to do nothing but hilariously roast Reynolds once more.

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    Chris Evans Made The Mistake Of Ranting About Technology; Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo Made Him Pay

    From @ChrisEvans:

    Dear All Technology, Remember the 90’s when you just WORKED??? I don’t need a ‘smart’ feature on my TV, thermostat, lights, music, refrigerator, security cameras, and f-ing car. You’re a major pain in all of our a**es. You’re not worth it. Signed, Everyone

    @RobertDowneyJr's reply:

    hey @MarkRuffalo looks like Cap needs a little tutoring from the science bros.

    @MarkRuffalo's reply:

    Call or DM us whenever you need assistance, @ChrisEvans. Also language.

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