13 Fan Theories About The Blip That Will Change The Way You Watch The MCU

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Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are usually pretty low stakes. You sit down for two and a half hours, laugh at some jokes, watch some questionable CGI, and will at the very least, have an enjoyable day at the movies. That all changed in 2017 with Avengers: Infinity War. For the first real time, the heroes lost and half of all life across the universe was wiped out. 

Fast forward five in-universe years and the half that was “Blipped” away returns and all hell breaks loose. What happened during those five years, and what will happen because of The Blip?

This is a list collecting fan theories about The Blip that will change the way you watch the MCU. Take a look down below and vote up the most interesting fan theories!

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    Sharon Carter Used The Blip To Fall Off The Grid

    Sharon Carter Used The Blip To Fall Off The Grid
    Photo: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier / Disney+

    From Redditor u/mggilberg:

    I think a big twist about Sharon will be revealed and I'm shocked I have not seen this theory anywhere. We have always assumed Sharon Carter was a snap victim because they said so and she was shown on the Endgame monitors when showing victims. Now a world census is very hard and mistakes will happen of course (Scott Lang). 

    The thing that did not sit right with me was that if Sharon had spent the 2 years in the MCU Timeline that took place between Civil War and Infinity War building up her wealth and status in Madripoor when she was dusted those who survived would have scooped up her apartment, artwork etc. and it would not have been there when she blipped back 5 years later. Since TFATWS takes place around 6 months after Endgame she would not have had time to rebuild that wealth and status. Also unlike Dr. Nagel who mentioned disappearing for 5 years then returning Sharon said nothing about dusting and coming back which if she had should have been part of her narrative updating Sam and Bucky. 

    My theory is that Sharon used Thanos's snap as an opportunity to go off the grid after 2 years of running. In the immediate aftermath of 1/2 the population vanishing and the chaos Sharon saw and opportunity to "disappear" and so she led people to believe she was a snap victim so they would stop looking for her and amidst all the turmoil she slipped off to Madripoor and began building this wealth and power there over the 5 years while the world was in chaos with 1/2 the people missing and letting people like Steve Rogers think she was dusted. To me this makes the most sense since if she had dusted no way she'd have this wealth and it fits together with everything else.

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    Kingpin Rose To Power During The Blip

    From Redditor u/ghostrider8303:

    During the 5 year gap, Daredevil was blipped away but Kingpin wasn't. Hence Kingpin was able to get out of prison and regain some power through the Tracksuit Mafia. At the same time, Hawkeye/Ronin went on rampage killing them but there was no Daredevil to stop him.

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    Doctor Strange Has Post-Blip Depression And Survivor's Guilt

    From Redditor u/TheMediocreCritic:

    TL;DR: Doctor Strange seems different or “off” in Spider-man: No Way Home because he is dealing with post-Blip depression. He was snapped for five years, and when he came back, the job he had was no longer available, and the love of his life was engaged to someone else. He feels like the snap stole his future from him.

    Everything Changed

    The “Blip” was a tragic and upsetting event that would have had long-reaching consequences for everyone that was blipped or not. People lost parts, spouses, kids just to have them magically appear again, which would be amazing in many situations but heartbreaking in others. If someone remarried, that would be heartbreaking. But it would also take an incredible toll on those who were blipped. To them, it would've seemed like 5 seconds, then bam, everything in your life is different. Your kids are old, and your spouse is remarried, people you loved have passed. The world and would be thrust into another state of a mental health crisis.

    Finding a new way forward or not

    Doctor Strange is also feeling this. He is going through depression and is trying to find his way forward. He is responsible for saving the world and bringing back those who were snapped, but he is also responsible for Iron Man’s death. Furthermore, the job he thought he would have is no longer available. But the real kick in the teeth is Christine.

    He Loves Christine, and she believes him to be dead. In the Trailer for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, we see what appears to be her wedding, and Doctor Strange looks to be a guest. After he was snapped, she moved on and found someone and fell in love. This would be heartbreaking to anyone. Imagine if you disappeared for 5 seconds and you opened your eyes, and the love of your life was getting married to someone else. That would be terrible for both sides of this.

    You can’t change the past or… and if you can … should you?

    Strange’s depression is eating him up, and he cannot get past it. He feels like the "snap/blip" stole his life from him, some he begins to tamper with space-time. This could have created a fracture in the Multiverse. Depression is a terrible condition, and it affects so many of us. It would be good to see the MCU take on a real-life issue. It would be good to see that it can affect anyone.

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    The Blip Being Reversed Was Worse Than The Blip Itself

    From Redditor /r/tysonedwards:

    5 years have passed since half of all life disappeared. Farmers are growing fewer crops, power plants shut down due to decreased need, neighborhoods are abandoned and left to fall apart. Infrastructure is decaying and in some places no longer exists.

    Then... suddenly 3.5 billion new people show up across the Earth, and countless more everywhere else. Within hours, mass blackouts. Within days, lack of drinking water in cities. Within weeks, food has effectively run out and growing more is months away at best.

    Where once existed depression now exists mass fear from lack of resources, creating a true dystopian post apocalyptic hellscape where billions die because too much strain is put on the local ecology that had already adapted...

    That’s the horror Thanos witnesses at the hands of The Avengers and why he must stop them at all costs.

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    The Skrulls Filled The Power Vacuums Created By The Blip

    From Redditor u/KostisPat257:

    Feige said last year that we'll explore the blip years a little more in Secret Invasion (the show is taking place post-blip, but I guess he means that we'll see extended flashbacks and learn more about what happened during the time).

    That lead me and others to believe that the Skrulls will start taking over Earth during the blip and it honestly makes a ton of sense and is a clever way to address a ton of questions about the blip.

    There was definitely a lot of sociopolitical turmoil during the 5 years of the blip, especially in the beginning, that we sadly never got to explore. My headcanon has always been that the Avengers worked tirelessly during those 5 years to stabilize society. I mean we learnt in TFATWS that all countries opened up their borders during the blip and let people move into blipped people's apartments and take blipped people's jobs in order to keep the supply chain going. I doubt such a coordinated process would work without the Avengers on top of it all.

    Similarly, the amount of crime would have skyrocketed during the blip which couldn't have been regulated without the Avengers taking to the streets.

    On top of that though, I believe the Skrulls also helped smoothen the transition with their own way and for their own gains. My theory is that they managed to shapeshift into blipped politicians in order to make it seem like those politicians never actually blipped. That way, they smoothly filled the power vacuum and society didn't change much because most of the big economies' politicians "survived".

    I believe this will answer a lot of queries many have about the life during the blip and will also portray the Skrulls as really clever and insidious.

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    Talos Was Dusted In 'Infinity War,' Not Nick Fury

    From Redditor u/secsmachine:

    Talos was disguised as Fury and he was the one dusted away in the ending of Infinity War.

    Evidence 1: Maria Hill calls him as “Nick,“ not “Fury.“ In Captain Marvel, Fury says everybody call him as “Fury.“ Maria Hill was his wife which is a Skrull as like Talos as we saw in Spider-Man FFH.

    Evidence 2: In the Blip scene Fury says “Call Control. Code Red.“ In Spider-Man FFH we saw that Fury was in a giant spaceship. I think that might be the “Control“ Talos/Fury is talking about.

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