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The Funniest Times MCU Characters Meet Each Other For The First Time

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Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially began with 2008's Iron Man, Marvel has brought countless beloved superheroes to the big screen, creating a roster of incredibly talented actors that's completely unparalleled in any other film series. As the movies and storylines became more intricate, characters began to cross over into each other's films, leading up to 2018's Infinity War, which saw the culmination of every single entry up to that point.

Nobody prepared us for how satisfying it would be to watch all these characters and stories interconnect, but it also led to some of Marvel's most hilarious on-screen interactions. These are the funniest times MCU characters met each other for the first time.

  • When Spider-Man and Doctor Strange finally cross paths, it just happens to be on an alien spaceship headed into the unknown; then again, it isn't even the weirdest circumstances for two Brooklyn superheroes to meet.

    Peter Parker finds himself tucked away on an alien spacecraft after watching it invade New York, where he finds Tony Stark and Strange coincidentally hiding, as well. Never having met the powerful sorcerer before, Spider-Man introduces himself as Peter Parker, only to mistake "Doctor Strange" (his legitimate title) for a superhero name.

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    Steve Meets Groot On The Battlefield ('Avengers: Infinity War')

    Steve Rogers and Groot may be the most unlikely duo to ever cross paths - but also the most hilarious. During Infinity War, Thor enters the Battle of Wakanda with his two new allies, Rocket and Groot. Thor introduces them to his old pal Captain America on the battlefield, where Groot (or "Tree") utters the only dialogue he ever speaks, "I Am Groot."

    Rogers, being the most serious, no-nonsense Avenger, responds, "I am Steve Rogers," making for a genuinely priceless moment.

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  • Up until Doctor Strange, Loki thought he was the one and only God of Mischief. It turns out, Loki isn't the only superhero capable of tomfoolery. In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and Loki pay a visit to the sorcerer Dr. Stephen Strange, only for Strange to send Loki falling through a void for almost half an hour. For a guy who took on all of the Avengers and almost won, Loki is very quickly incapacitated by Dr. Strange, meaning either Dr. Strange is very powerful or Loki is losing his edge.

    Just for good measure, Dr. Strange keeps moving Thor in and around the Sanctum Sanctorum, too - not for any real purpose, but just because it's fun to manipulate time and space and completely fluster an all-powerful god.

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    Peter Quill And The Guardians Meet Tony And Peter ('Avengers: Infinity War')

    One of the funniest introductions in all of the MCU has to be when Peter Quill and the Guardians encounter Tony Stark and Spider-Man. This was one of the most anticipated introductions of Infinity War and it did not disappoint. It's impossible to only pick one moment to showcase; every line being traded amongst the group is absolute gold.

    After mistaking the two Avengers for Thanos's intergalactic thugs, Peter Quill grabs Peter Parker at gunpoint, demanding to know where Gamora is. After de-escalating the situation, Tony deduces that Peter is actually from Earth, to which Peter responds that he's from Missouri, not Earth.

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