13 Times MCU Characters Passed The Torch To The Next Generation

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As the Infinity Saga came to a close, audiences were treated to a few beautiful moments showcasing the MCU squad passing the torch down to the next generation of heroes. In a film franchise lasting over a decade at this point, these moments were bound to happen. There comes a point in a superhero's life when you have to choose a successor, someone who can carry on in your place and save the world from mean purple aliens. 

In the case of this list, though, the Avengers passing the torch weren't always on the verge of death. Occasionally, they just had multi-billion dollar companies they could no longer manage or a shield that was serving them no real purpose while dancing with their wives in the 1940s. The following moments are a collection of times a character in the MCU decided it was time to pass on some responsibility and let someone else take over. Check it out and vote up the moments you think left the MCU in the most capable hands.