13 Times MCU Characters Passed The Torch To The Next Generation

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As the Infinity Saga came to a close, audiences were treated to a few beautiful moments showcasing the MCU squad passing the torch down to the next generation of heroes. In a film franchise lasting over a decade at this point, these moments were bound to happen. There comes a point in a superhero's life when you have to choose a successor, someone who can carry on in your place and save the world from mean purple aliens. 

In the case of this list, though, the Avengers passing the torch weren't always on the verge of death. Occasionally, they just had multi-billion dollar companies they could no longer manage or a shield that was serving them no real purpose while dancing with their wives in the 1940s. The following moments are a collection of times a character in the MCU decided it was time to pass on some responsibility and let someone else take over. Check it out and vote up the moments you think left the MCU in the most capable hands.


  • Ancient One Named Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme
    Photo: Doctor Strange / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    As the Ancient One was perishing in a hospital room, she took a quick break from fighting for her life to have a spirit conversation with Doctor Strange. The Ancient One gave Strange one of the best pep talks in the MCU, telling him about his capacity for greatness and unlimited possibilities in life. She even acknowledged he wasn't ready - but offered the simple wisdom that no one ever really is.

    With the passing of the Ancient One, Strange became the new Sorcerer Supreme. It became his responsibility to defend Earth from any and all magical threats.

  • Tony Stark Left Peter E.D.I.T.H. In His Will
    Photo: Spider-Man: Far from Home / Sony Pictures Releasing

    "For the next Tony Stark, I trust you," read the note left to Peter Parker by the now-deceased Tony Stark. Tony and Peter had always had one of the best mentor/mentee relationships in the MCU, and it was a heartwarming moment to see Tony admit to Peter that he had his full trust in him as his successor.

    It's noteworthy that Tony did not tell Peter he was the next Iron Man, but instead "the next Tony Stark." The message was clear. Tony was not asking Peter to put on a silly suit of armor; he was asking him to do whatever it takes to protect the world. To help him with this duty, Tony passed along "E.D.I.T.H." This high-tech pair of sunglasses gave Peter access to Tony's defense satellites and backdoors to all major telecommunications networks. This left Peter with his great power and much, much greater responsibility.

  • In an emotional final moment with his son in the Ancestral Plane, T'Chaka finally gave T'Challa his blessing to take over as the Blank Panther. After T'Chaka's life was abruptly taken from him by the brainwashed Winter Soldier, the father and son never had a real chance to say goodbye. 

    Taking over so quickly, and without the help of his father, was hard for T'Challa. He was never really sure if he was fit to be king. T'Chaka giving him his blessing gave him the strength he needed to carry on and ultimately defeat Killmonger to regain his throne.

  • Groot Passed On His Entire Life To His Son, Baby Groot
    Photo: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Contrary to popular belief, Baby Groot is not the same life form as the adult Groot before him. He may have been regrown from a piece of Groot, but the being that was the original Groot is gone for good. 

    This means Groot actually passed on his position on the Guardians of the Galaxy (and his entire life) to his son, commonly known as "Baby Groot." It's safe to say that Baby Groot has been doing a pretty good job so far, as he helped save the entire galaxy from the invading forces of Thanos.