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MCU Characters You Won't Believe Dated In The Comics

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We’ve all heard of “power couples” before, but superhero couples definitely bring that concept to a whole new level. And while a handful of notable Marvel couples have gotten together in the MCU, it doesn’t hold a candle to the decades of strange and exciting Marvel love interests that have taken place in the comics - including some that fans of the MCU would never see coming.

Most Marvel characters are altered in the process of adapting them from the page to the silver screen, and that often means their relationships with other Marvel characters must change, too. Sometimes, that means putting unexpected couples together - and, sometimes, it means tearing some fan-cherished “ships” apart.

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    Wanda Maximoff Harbored A Crush On Steve Rogers For Decades Before Acting On It… Right Before She Disassembled The Avengers

    In the pages of Marvel Comics, Wanda Maximoff’s most significant romantic relationship was indeed the Vision, whom she actually got to marry for real - and not inside a reality-altered bubble of her own creation - before tragedy tore them apart. When not with the Vision, the Scarlet Witch was usually involved with Simon Williams, the former villain turned Hollywood Avenger upon whose brain patterns the Vision’s personality was based.

    Long before she met either of them, however, Maximoff had eyes for Steve Rogers. Soon after she’d joined “Cap’s Kooky Quartet,” the second edition of the Avengers, Wanda started crushing on Captain America hard but never felt comfortable expressing her feelings - especially not with her domineering brother Pietro around. 

    Several years full of trauma later, the Scarlet Witch was immensely more powerful but had begun to lose her grip on both her reality-altering abilities and reality itself. Letting her inhibitions go, she made a move on a then-single Rogers and found it warmly reciprocated, with the two enjoying the briefest of flings - cut short by Wanda’s full descent into madness and her subsequent disassembly of first the Avengers, and then the entire Marvel Universe. 

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    Thor Is Courting Jennifer Walters, But He’s More Interested In Her Hulk Alter Ego

    Whether it be in the MCU or the annals of Marvel Comics, Thor has been around for millennia, and in that time he’s - of course - courted his fair share of lovers. Notable flames have included Sif, the Enchantress, and Jane Foster, but the God of Thunder’s longest-lasting relationship in this century has been with a fellow Avenger who previously had little luck in love: Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk or, these days, just Hulk.

    Thor first became involved, in the physical sense at least, with Jennifer’s gigantic alter ego, as he and Hulk enjoyed a heated makeout session in the midst of battle. The actual connection between Jennifer’s more eloquent personality and the Odinson developed much more slowly over the months to come, but was no less passionate. In fact, as Walters has started to reconcile her two halves, she’s only grown stronger to her hammer-wielding beau. Thus, a fling most assumed would burn out quickly is still ongoing and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. 

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    Thor (Jane Foster) Hooked Up With Captain America (Sam Wilson)

    If there’s a headline sure to grab the attention of any MCU aficionado, it’s “Thor and Captain America kiss in an All-New, All-Different Avengers comic!” And those fans would probably be even more confused to learn that the Thor and Cap in question were, in fact, Jane Foster and Sam Wilson.

    At around the same time, Thor lost confidence in his own worthiness, causing him to drop Mjolnir for a spell, and Steve Rogers had the Super Soldier Serum purged from his system, resulting in an elderly Cap. Rogers specifically chose Wilson for his replacement, but it was Mjolnir who chose Foster - who had, at that point, been suffering from terminal cancer.

    As the Mighty Thor and Captain America, Foster and Wilson spearheaded a revamped roster of Avengers featuring such youngsters as Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, and their roles as the “mom” and “dad” of the team soon had them smooching. Given that Sam was also sort of seeing Misty Knight at the time, the relationship didn’t progress all that far, but Sam became a genuine confidant of Jane’s as she continued to undergo radiation treatment and, eventually, beat the cancer. 

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    Thanos Gave Up On The Personification Of Death For Hela, The Goddess Of Death

    Fans of both the MCU and Marvel Comics know Thanos is obsessed with death, but only long-time readers of the books will know he’s even more obsessed with Death - as in the physical embodiment of the very concept of it. From a very young age, the Mad Titan’s genocidal actions have been motivated primarily by his desire for affection from Lady Death, and she’s almost always responded by spurning him, something that eventually drove him into the arms of another embodiment of the afterlife.

    Enter Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death. After losing her throne to Balder, brother of Thor, Hela allied herself with Thanos in an attempt to win back Hel, and it wasn’t long before the two were swapping spit. But when their combined forces couldn’t overcome the Odinsons, Thanos dumped Hela right in front of everyone and went right back to chasing Death. 

    Hela, for her part, ended up regaining her throne by marrying Karnilla, Queen of the Norns.

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