Small But Interesting Details From 2021 MCU Shows

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Disney+ came out of the gate in 2021 with a bunch of new MCU shows that expanded on the backstories of a number of smaller characters and kicked off a lot of multiversal shenanigans. These are the best tiny details viewers might have missed on their first binge.

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    'Loki': Loki's File Refers To The Ragnarok Group As The Revengers

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    'WandaVision': The Show References A Classic Dick Van Dyck Gag

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    'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier': The Flag Smasher Motto Appears In Multiple Languages In The Credits

    From Redditor u/errolkim:

    A Filipino/Tagalog word was featured at the end credits scene in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021) says, "ISANG MUNDO, ISANG TAO" which means, "One World, One People", the slogan and motto of the Flag Smashers.

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    'Loki': The X- Jet Appears In The TVA Explanation Of The Multiverse War

    From Redditor u/StandupComicGuy:

    During the cartoon infomercial in Episode 1 of Loki, when talking about a multiversal war, you can see a destroyed X-Jet from the Fox Movie Series.

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    'WandaVision': A Filing Cabinet Number References Vision's First Appearance

    From Twitter user @beymxtion:

    On WandaVision 2nd episode opening credits we can see "a57" a nod to "Behold... The Vision!"

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    'The Falcon And The Winter Solider': A Photo Taken Of Captain America In The 1940s Appears In The Museum

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