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MCU Heroes Who Have Serious Beef In The Comics

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Taking down supervillains and crime syndicates is all well and good, but sometimes, it doesn’t make for the most riveting drama. It’s often much more exciting when it's superheroes who don’t get along for one reason or another, forcing fans and audiences to choose in a conflict where there are no “good” or “bad” sides - just sides. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already had its fair share of intra-hero discord - whether it be superheroic relationship turmoil, misunderstanding-based punch-ups, or the occasional all-out Civil War. But those conflicts are all built upon decades of Marvel Comics history, where superheroes have years and years of personal history to draw upon - and that’s left plenty of time for some serious beef to develop between some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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    Janet van Dyne Divorced Hank Pym With Very Good Reason

    Janet van Dyne didn’t make a real appearance until the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she and Hank Pym were founding Avengers in the comics. They were the first members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to get hitched, and while their comic book romance didn’t have to suffer a decades-long separation via the Quantum Realm, it was doomed from the start and would come to an end in horrific fashion.

    All those mind-bending adventures and size-changing capers took their toll on Pym’s mind, and his behavior became increasingly erratic - until he reached the point where he invented a new persona, pretended to end himself, and started harassing the Avengers as “Yellowjacket.”

    The truth came out, but Hank was still in Yellowjacket mode when he and Janet were wed, something that should have been considered a red flag. In a shockingly dark turn for the era, Hank became first verbally and then physically abusive to Janet, incurring the wrath of his fellow Avengers - who expelled him in short order - and ensuring a quick divorce. 

    Pym did eventually get his head right and began the slow climb back toward redemption. He and Janet did reconcile, and even enjoyed the odd fling thereafter, but there was never much hope of them renewing their vows - especially not now that Hank is deceased and Janet has moved on to countless better relationships.

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    Nick Fury Made Thor Believe He Was Unworthy

    In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nick Fury was responsible for introducing Thor to the rest of the Avengers, and that’s basically where their relationship ended. They’re still on good terms, they just don’t work together or speak all that often - but that still makes them a lot friendlier than they are in the comics.

    The OG Marvel Comics version of Nick Fury was a keeper of secrets and kept a veritable black book of compromising information on all the heroes he’d worked with over the decades. When several Avengers, including the God of Thunder, took Fury to task for his apparent involvement in the slaying of Uatu the Watcher in Original Sin, Fury used the opportunity to whisper something in Thor’s ear - a statement so scandalous that it caused Thor to immediately drop Mjolnir, no longer certain of his own worth.

    In time, it would be revealed that Fury had whispered “Gorr was right,” a reference to an old enemy Thor had faced in the past who had asserted that gods were ultimately bad for every other living thing in the universe. Thor eventually got over it and regained faith in himself, but he’s never been able to confront Fury over it, because Fury has since been relegated to the Watcher’s lonely outpost on the Moon - and everyone else thinks he’s deceased. 

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    All The Inhumans Hate Quicksilver Because He Stole Their Crystals

    Quicksilver and the Inhuman royal family each had a rather short stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Pietro Maximoff perished in his very first appearance, and The Inhumans was so poorly received by audiences that the Inhuman royal family may as well have, too. But their mutual history goes much deeper in the comics and involves the sort of betrayal-themed hatred that would put Game of Thrones to shame.

    Pietro initially came into the orbit of the Inhumans when he romanced and then married their princess, Crystal Amaquelin. That was controversial, to be sure, but Quicksilver was eventually accepted into the Inhuman family, especially after he and Crystal gave birth to a daughter, Luna. Then, things turned sour with superhuman speed.

    Quicksilver began to neglect his wife, she had an affair, and he responded by becoming a supervillain for a while. He eventually returned to heroism, but then he convinced his sister, the Scarlet Witch, to rewrite all reality for a spell, a misadventure that eventually culminated in most mutants losing their special abilities - including Pietro. 

    Desperate to regain his super-speed, Pietro broke into the Inhumans’ sacred chamber and stole their Terrigen Crystals, from which all Inhumans gain their powers. Not only did he use the crystals to jumpstart his old abilities, but he also started offering them to any other depowered mutant who wanted them, resulting in numerous grisly demises. He even went as far as to force Terrigenesis on his own daughter.

    The Inhumans were so furious at all this that they didn’t just retaliate against Quicksilver - they waged war against humanity itself. Eventually, cooler heads would prevail, and Pietro would earn himself back into the world’s good graces by falsely claiming he had been replaced by a Skrull during all his offenses - but the Inhumans remain skeptical, and he’s probably still not welcome back in Attilan. 

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    Iron Man Cloned Thor, And Then That Clone Offed An Avenger, Infuriating The God Of Thunder

    The first time Thor and Iron Man met in the MCU, Tony Stark accused the God of Thunder of wearing his mother’s drapes and tried to take his head off with a repulsor ray. In the comics, Tony’s actions during that fateful first meeting were much less directly confrontational, but significantly more sinister - and they set the stage for significant conflict to come.

    After getting together to officially found the Avengers, Stark was prescient enough to collect a single golden hair left behind on the couch by his new Asgardian friend and kept it preserved for years thereafter. When the superhero Civil War erupted while all of Asgard was temporarily deceased - the result of yet another Ragnarok - Tony collaborated with Reed Richards and Hank Pym to create a clone of Thor and sent it into the battlefield against Captain America and his rebel forces.

    The clone Thor, or “Clor,” was supposed to be entirely under their control, but it went off-script in its very first outing and blew a hole through Bill Foster, the hero known as Goliath. The incident shifted sentiment against “Team Iron Man” and upped the stakes of the conflict, but the real consequences of Stark’s actions were yet to come.

    Upon his inevitable resurrection, one of the first things Thor did was hunt down Iron Man and lay a whooping on him, literally stripping the suit of armor right from him with a bolt of lightning. Thor then delivered some harsh words about the man Tony had become, along with a threat or two, and departed. They’d soon have to come together again to repel the Skrull’s Secret Invasion, and they’ve been Avengers teammates pretty much ever since - but Thor has a long memory, and he surely hasn’t forgotten this slight. 

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