15 Times MCU Heroes Actually Helped People Instead Of Just Punching Things

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We're all pretty accustomed to superheroes punching their way out of trouble. It makes a lot of sense; superheroes usually can solve their problems by using their vast power sets - or simply by using violence. But part of being a hero is helping others, and you certainly don't need to use violence or powers to do that. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of examples of heroes helping others out in ways that involve zero violence whatsoever.

Peter Parker has appeared at charity functions as Spider-Man. Tony Stark funded a bunch of research projects sight unseen. T'Challa founded outreach facilities. Captain America jumped on a grenade! These superheroes - and more - prove that you don't have to be a master martial artist to help those in need. Here are some times MCU heroes actually helped people instead of just punching things. Vote up the most truly heroic moments.