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15 Killmonger Details That Prove He's Marvel's Most Complicated Villain

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Killmonger was one of the MCU's best villains. A great performance with an great backstory, these little details fans noticed from Black Panther give us even more to appreciate. Director Ryan Coogler packed Black Panther and Killmonger's character with a ton of extra details that fans somehow noticed, and we're glad they did. 

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  • 5. The Sun Sets On Killmonger's Reign, Like He Said It Would

    From Redditor u/SimpliDarnok:

    In Black Panther, when Killmonger takes the throne he says, “The sun will never set on the Wakandan Empire." The end of the movie shows them watching the sunset, signifying the end of his rule.

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  • 6. Killmonger Decides To Attack Cities Where Sanctum Sanctorums Are Located

    From Redditor u/discover_your_world:

    In Black Panther, the first three locations Killmonger decides to attack are also where the three sanctums from Doctor Strange are located.

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  • 7. Put On His Father's Ring After He Takes The Throne

    From Redditor u/comrade_batman:

    In Black Panther, after Killmonger takes the throne, he begins to wear his father's ring on his right hand rather than on the necklace.

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  • 8. The Wakandan Carrier Ship Looks Like The Traditional Mask Killmonger Wears

    From Redditor u/FunboyFrags:

    In Black Panther, Killmonger’s mask resembles the Wakandan carrier ship.

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