15 Killmonger Details That Prove He's Marvel's Most Complicated Villain

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Killmonger was one of the MCU's best villains. A great performance with an great backstory, these little details fans noticed from Black Panther give us even more to appreciate. Director Ryan Coogler packed Black Panther and Killmonger's character with a ton of extra details that fans somehow noticed, and we're glad they did. 

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    Purposefully Breaks His Spear To Fight In The Style Of Shaka Zulu

    From Redditor u/Bossdregon

    In Black Panther, Killmonger breaks his spear, to be better equipped for stabbing. Shaka Zulu of South Africa was famous for this weapon style, as it maximized the amount of killing possible with one spear.

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    Okoye And The Shaman Don't Salute Him After The Duel

    From Redditor u/Vin13ish:

    On my rewatch of Black Panther, I noticed Okoye is the only Dora who didn’t do the “Wakanda Forever” salute to Killmonger.

    Also, the lady in purple that he chokes out because of the herbs. Purple is apparently the color of the Panther tribe, which includes the Royal Family. So for one of the Royals' tribesmen and the king's General to not acknowledge the new king is... Well, it's definitely brave.

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    Killmonger Took On The American Panthera, The Leopard

    From Redditor u/SlimJ87D:

    Something interesting that others might have missed. The Jaguar is the Panthera of the Americas. The most known Black Panther, the Leopard, is the Panthera of Africa.

    It's interesting that Erik was raised in America, so he'd take on a Panthera of the Americas, the Jaguar.

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    Killmonger Decides To Attack Cities Where Sanctum Sanctorums Are Located

    From Redditor u/discover_your_world:

    In Black Panther, the first three locations Killmonger decides to attack are also where the three sanctums from Doctor Strange are located.

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    Put On His Father's Ring After He Takes The Throne

    From Redditor u/comrade_batman:

    In Black Panther, after Killmonger takes the throne, he begins to wear his father's ring on his right hand rather than on the necklace.

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    Killmonger's Father Was Trying To Free His Mother From Prison

    From Redditor:

    At the start of Black Panther, N'Jobu and a young Zuri are seem formulating a plan. According to Ryan Coogler, they were about to break Killmonger's mom out of jail before King T'Chaka arrived and, after a series of events, killed him. Killmonger's mother stayed in prison and died there.

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