Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Magical Relics In The MCU

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The MCU started out with all manner of technological marvels when it kicked off with Iron Man in 2008. From there, you had The Incredible Hulk, who was created using technology (as was Captain America). The list goes on to include pretty much everyone on the Avengers roster. Everyone from Black Widow and Falcon to the Winter Soldier and Spider-Man all benefit from technology, most of which was invented by Tony Stark. Of course, the other side of the coin involves magic, which Thor once described as being one and the same with technology.

Thor introduced a great deal of magical relics into the MCU when he first arrived on the scene. His hammer is the most obvious example, but many of the relics in Odin's Treasure Room were magical in nature. Then, Doctor Strange came along, and magic became the dominating force within the MCU. This was largely due to the demise of Tony Stark, but that's not the only reason. The Multiverse is open for business, and all sorts of magical artifacts are spread throughout the MCU.

There's plenty the average MCU fan doesn't know about the many magical relics in the MCU. This list aims to change that by going into detail on some of the most important items spread throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take a look at them down below, and be sure to upvote anything you didn't already know to see which magical relic rises to the top!

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    Odin's Dominance Over Surtur Was Possible Via The Eternal Flame

    The Eternal Flame is introduced in Thor: Ragnarok by Surtur, who says it will restore him to full power once he places his crown inside it. This is because it is the source of his power, though he lost it long ago. About 5,000 years ago, Odin successfully defeated Surtur by incapacitating him, stealing the Eternal Flame, and banishing him to Muspelheim. Odin sealed it inside his vault alongside the rest of his treasures, rendering Surtur powerless.

    It was only after Surtur was defeated (again) by Thor that he ultimately came to power. In an effort to defeat Hela, Loki placed Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame, returning him to full power. This brought about Ragnarok, the destruction of Asgard. Of course, the Eternal Flame had far more uses than restoring its master to full power. It could be used to partially resurrect the dead. "Partially" is the operative term because those who come back from the grave no longer have a will of their own, and they remain decrepit in appearance.

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    The Casket Of Ancient Winters Is Infinitely Powerful

    The Casket of Ancient Winters was a magical relic created by the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. It was the primary source of their power, which they used in their attempted conquest of the Nine Realms. Ultimately, the Frost Giants were defeated by Asgard, and the Casket of Ancient Winters was placed inside Odin's Treasure Vault. The Frost Giants were still powerful without the ancient weapon, but without it, they lacked the ability to enforce their will.

    The Casket of Ancient Winters has the ability to project an infinite icy wind at whatever it's aimed at. The Frost Giants used it to freeze and destroy their enemies, but it has more capabilities than that. It can be used to completely freeze an entire planet, plunging it into a new ice age. Ideally, this is what the Frost Giants would do to any world they conquered, and while they never managed to fully implement their plan on Midgard, they did freeze large swathes of land in their conflict with Asgard on Earth.

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    The Darkhold Is Made Of Dark Matter From The Hell Dimension

    The Darkhold was introduced to the MCU in two different ways. It was a significant plot tool in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and it was seen in WandaVision. Unfortunately, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is no longer considered canon, leaving its introduction in WandaVision as the only one that pertains to Earth-199999. The Darkhold is one of the most powerful and dangerous artifacts in the MCU, as it comes from the Hell Dimension.

    It can grant the person using it immense power, as it contains infinite knowledge. In many ways, the Darkhold can accomplish whatever the user desires, but it's more than that. It details the myth of the Scarlet Witch, among many other powerful spells and potion recipes. More than that, it can teach a user to tap the energy from other dimensions. This makes it possible for someone like Wanda Maximoff to use the Darkhold to cross the dimensional boundaries and potentially bring her children back into the world. In the end, the Darkhold may be the most powerful magical artifact in the MCU.

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    Odin's Spear Is Endowed With Numerous Enchantments

    During his time conquering the Nine Realms, Odin carried Mjolnir, but this changed after he decided to stop his conquest. He then took up Gungnir, a powerful spear made of Uru wielded by the rulers of Asgard. The spear symbolizes his kingship, and it was wielded by Bor, Odin's father, more than 5,000 years ago. The weapon is endowed with numerous powerful enchantments that enhance the abilities of whoever wields it.

    The same type of energy that empowered the Destroyer armor is inside Gungnir. It can be used to fire off powerful energy blasts capable of causing immense destruction at whatever it's fired upon. The spear can also be used to channel different forms of energy. Odin used it to channel the dark energy necessary to send Thor to Midgard (Earth) after the Bifrost was destroyed. The spear was later used by Odin, upon Frigga's demise, to transform the bodies of the dead into a mist that drifted into the night sky. He did this by slamming the spear onto the ground.

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    The Ten Rings Are Mystical And Technological In Nature

    The Ten Rings are some of the most powerful mystical artifacts in the MCU. They were first acquired by Xu Wenwu, otherwise known as the Mandarin, a thousand years before the events of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Throughout the film, they are presented as magical artifacts capable of sustaining a man's life far longer than naturally possible. More than that, they endow the wearer with immense power.

    At the end of the film, Wong opens a portal to Shang-Chi, asking about the Rings. He says he felt them the first time they were used, denoting a mystical connection for the Rings, which were calling out to an unknown entity in the cosmos. At the same time, Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner theorized that the Ten Rings were technological in nature, though they couldn't identify what they were made of or which alien culture might have created them.

    In the comics, the Ten Rings were made by a race of aliens called the Makluan. They contain the soul of a cosmic warrior. As in the MCU, they were found by the Mandarin, and he used them to build his criminal empire.

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    The Bifrost Sword Is A Powerful Magical Artifact

    Heimdall is depicted throughout his time in the MCU as the wielder of an impressive sword. He uses it to open the Bifrost (and as a weapon), but it's far more than that. The blade is called Hofund, and it's endowed with a great deal of mystical energy. Though it hasn't been depicted in the MCU, in the comics, Hofund was created by the Dwarf-smiths of Nidavellir.

    The blade was designed to function as a key that unlocks the Bifrost, making it one of the most important weapons/artifacts in Asgard. The sword's energy is provided through stellar energy, which can be focused whenever necessary to increase its power. In the comics, it's been shown to be able to stop Thor when necessary, though, on that occasion, Thor was only at half his power.

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