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23 Poorly Explained Film Plots From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Let's be honest for a second; for newbies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Hela intimidating. With more than 20 films to catch up on (not counting the vast number of TV series that are technically apart of the in-universe canon), a lot of the nuance and anticipation that was built over the decade between Iron Man and Avengers: Infinity War is lost.

So; what can we as MCU fanatics do to reinvigorate and excite people at the prospect of sitting down and watching approximately 50 hours of films? Simple: provide zero context with the exception of a terrible, poorly explained plot summary that both makes them laugh, and need-to-know what exactly happens. 

This is a list of poorly explained plots for every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Vote up the worst, but technically correct description that makes you laugh!