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How The MCU Has Already Set Up The Arrival Of The Sinister Six


Few films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have left audiences gasping for more as much as Spider-Man: Far From Home has, especially given its jaw-dropping mid-credits sequence. With Peter Parker’s identity revealed to the world and accusations of destructiveness leveled against him by J. Jonah Jameson, it’s anyone’s guess where Spidey’s MCU story arc will go. 

With the establishment of multiple members of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery, and the public target now painted squarely on his back, there’s been speculation about a future appearance by the Sinister Six. The classic team-up of the wallcrawler’s most heinous foes has traditionally been formed around one mutual trait, a distaste of Spider-Man - and there’s plenty of that to go around in the current state of the MCU. Many fans are expecting the Six to make an appearance as soon as the webslinger’s next solo adventure, and Marvel Studios appears to have been laying breadcrumbs for their debut for years.

  • The Sinister Six Has An Ever-Changing Lineup And Most Members Have Already Appeared In The MCU

    As often is the case with comic book teams of superhumans, the Sinister Six have always had a rotating membership. Though they still remain Spider-Man’s most iconic group of foes - and though the core motivation of the squad remains mutual distaste of the wallcrawler - it’s impossible to nail down any sort of permanent roster for this rogues’ gallery. In other words, there are countless current and former members of the Sinister Six out there in Marvel Comics lore, and several of them have already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    When the Sinister Six first made their debut in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 back in 1964, the roster consisted of Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and Kraven the Hunter. This group constitutes the “classic” Sinister Six lineup, but dozens of other spider-antagonists have joined the fray over the decades.

  • The Vulture Is An Original Member Of The Six

    The first villain that Peter Parker faces off with in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) - also known as the Vulture - and he happens to be a founding member of the Sinister Six. Though this means that at least one component of the group is already clearly established in the MCU, it’s important to note that the cinematic version of Toomes is quite different from his comic book counterpart.

    By the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it appears the incarcerated Vulture has gained a begrudging respect for the webslinger, as demonstrated by his refusal to share Parker’s secret identity with a fellow inmate in a post-credits scene. This would seem to indicate that the Vulture isn’t currently interested in any sort of anti-Spidey team-ups, though the circumstances could change in future films. 

  • Mysterio Is On The Sinister Six’s Original Roster

    The villain of Spider-Man’s second MCU solo adventure is also an original member of the Sinister Six, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), the master of illusions. Unlike Adrian Toomes, the cinematic version of Quentin Beck hews quite closely to comic book continuity, but also unlike Toomes, Beck appears to have perished by the end of the film. 

    Given that Mysterio’s whole shtick is illusion and trickery, it wouldn’t be surprising if his demise at the conclusion of Far From Home isn’t quite what it seems. Whether it be through the continuation of his technology or a “resurrection” of sorts, there’s a good chance that Mysterio shows his fishbowl face again in the MCU, and he’s got an obvious vendetta against Peter Parker that would definitely prompt his joining of an anti-Spider-Man squad.

  • The Scorpion Is Ready To Strike In The MCU

    Another classic Spider-Man villain makes his debut in Homecoming, albeit, only in his civilian persona. Mac Gargan (Michael Mando) appears as nothing more than a career criminal who ends up in prison following a foiled arms deal, but long-time readers of Marvel Comics know him better as the Scorpion.

    In comics lore, Gargan is a lifelong criminal who is transformed into a Scorpion-like superhuman by J. Jonah Jameson, with the express purpose of hunting down Spider-Man. Given that the MCU Gargan has already expressed a desire for vengeance on Spidey - who put Gargan behind bars - and given that Jameson makes an appearance in Far From Home, the pieces are already in place for the Scorpion to strike the Marvel Cinematic Universe.