Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Stark Tech In The MCU

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When the MCU began in 2008, it was because of the success of Iron Man. That film launched what has become the most profitable franchise in feature-film history, and at its core was Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. Stark was the central figure throughout the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His work in creating and advancing technology can be seen in every terrestrial series of the MCU.

Tony Stark's technology, and the tech his father invented, became the basis for just about everything in the MCU. Howard Stark helped on the Super Soldier project that created Captain America, the Hulk, Isaiah Bradley, and so much more. Tony's Iron Man, War Machine, and Spider-Man suits stand as some of the most impressive pieces of hardware in the franchise, so just about everywhere you look in the MCU, you're going to find something a Stark tinkered with.

This list takes a look at Stark's technology to try and find some of the things you (probably) didn't know about it. It may seem like magic, but at the end of the day, all of these inventions are based in reality... well, reality as it exists in the MCU (which also has magic). Take a look down below, and if you see anything you didn't know about Stark tech in the MCU, be sure to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top!

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    Peter Parker Invented Web-Shooters, But Tony Stark Perfected Them

    Just as he did in the comics, Peter Parker invented his web-shooters in the MCU. He created them and the web fluid he used to establish himself as Spider-Man. That period of his life has yet to be detailed in the MCU, but from what's been shown, Peter's web-shooters were well-designed and efficient. That said, they could have used an upgrade, which is exactly what happened when Tony Stark came to his apartment in Captain America: Civil War.

    Stark took Peter's design and improved it beyond anything the kid could have done in his high school chem lab. He upgraded the web-shooters from a utility into a weapon system with multiple options. Peter could use the AI interface to choose different types of webbing, and there were a lot of options. Stark's design also integrated a holographic Spider-Signal, which gave everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man a visual system to better identify what he wanted.

    Peter retooled Stark's web-shooters during the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home and again in No Way Home, but without his handy Stark Industries Fabricator, he had to resort to his previous lo-tech option he created years earlier.

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    Stark Continued To Perfect The Jericho Missile System

    In Iron Man, after Stark was captured, he learned that his weapons had taken by the enemy insurgency operating in Afghanistan. This didn't make him very happy, but it did give him the drive to use those weapons to create a miniature Arc Reactor and a suit of armor that aided in his escape. After that, he perfected his armor design and returned to Afghanistan, where he spent most of his time hunting down the Jericho Missile System held by the Ten Rings.

    You might think that Stark was done with the Jericho at this point. After all, it caused him all manner of personal and professional problems, but he wasn't done with it. Like everything in his life, he saw a use for the Jericho, so he continued to work on it. He refined the design and made it man-portable. Well, not exactly, because the advanced version of Jericho didn't appear in the same reality as Iron Man.

    The Jericho Rifle first appeared in an episode of What If...? as a portable rifle Erik Killmonger found in Stark's workshop. Because this was a different reality, Stark's path to becoming Iron Man never manifested, making the Jericho Rifle the natural progression he likely would have followed for the weapon in Earth-199999 (MCU).

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    Tony Stark Created 85 Suits Of Armor In The MCU

    Tony Stark was the kind of inventor who always wanted to one-up himself. Whenever he created a suit of Iron Man armor, he engineered away any of the weaknesses found in previous models. This meant that each successive suit of armor was built better than the last. Granted, some were purpose-built for specific reasons, such as the Hulkbuster armor, but most were designed to be worn by Tony as his primary Iron Man suit.

    Most of his suits were destroyed when his house was blasted to pieces by Aldrich Killian's goons in Iron Man 3, but he continued to tinker after that. He incorporated as much new technology as he could into the armor, which is why he was sporting a fully functional nanotech suit of armor in Avengers: Infinity War. When the battle was lost, he continued to work on his tech, building Pepper's "Rescue" armor, but he also worked on his primary design. His final suit, the Mark LXXXV armor, was his 85th creation, and it was arguably his best, as it enabled him to wield the Infinity Stones.

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    Stark's Combat Drones Are Effectively Ultron 2.0

    When the MCU had its Civil War, Tony Stark led the effort for the pro-registration superheroes, while Steve Rogers led the ones who stood against registration. One of the main reasons Stark jumped on the pro-registration bandwagon was due to the lesson he learned from Ultron. He knew that Ultron was his fault, and a lot of people perished as a result. He supported registration because he felt that he needed to be regulated somehow, or he might again endanger the people of the world.

    After Stark passed at the end of Endgame, Peter Parker received a bequest in the form of the E.D.I.T.H. sunglasses. Those were far more than they appeared because they controlled an army of space-based Combat Drones that could be employed anywhere on Earth. In Age of Ultron, Stark made it clear he wanted to protect the world, but he did so by creating Ultron, and it backfired. He clearly didn't learn his lesson, because he created what could only be described as Ultron 2.0 in the Combat Drones.

    Just as Ultron failed to protect the people, so too did his Combat Drones. They were taken over by Mysterio and were used to create all manner of chaos and peril. As a third-order impact, they led to the outing of Parker as Spider-Man and the near-destruction of reality by Parker and Doctor Strange in No Way Home. If there's one thing the MCU has detailed clearly across all of its films, it's that Stark's technology can (and will) be used for evil if it falls into the wrong hands, which it often does.

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    The Stark Industries Rocket Launcher Has A Real-World Variant

    When Stark Industries was in the weapons manufacture business, business was good. Stark Industries made just about every weapon that could be employed on a battlefield, and you can rest assured Tony had a hand in the design of each item. Everything from missiles to mortars came out of Stark Industries, and while you can't always see "STARK" emblazoned on every one of them, odds are, a weapon in the MCU came from that one factory.

    One example is the Stark Industries Rocket Launcher, which was first seen in The Incredible Hulk in the hands of the US Air Force Strategic Operations Command Center's troops. Two airmen tried to use one of them to take down Abomination as he rampaged through New York City. A rocket was fired at him, but Abomination managed to grab the rocket, rendering it useless against him. As it happens, the weapon's design in the movie may be from Stark Industries, but it's a Nerf toy in the real world.

    To create the prop for the movie, the designers looked to the Nerf Titan AS-V.1 toy launcher. They added a larger air tank and some electrical components, and the scope was modified from a pair of binoculars, but it's still a Titan. Nerf released a modified Titan AS-1 with a green and silver color scheme as a tie-in product for the movie, and it's called the Hulk Abomination Blaster.

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    The Iron Man Gauntlet Proved Itself In Battle Against The Winter Soldier

    In Captain America: Civil War, Stark found himself in a bit of a pickle when he was left without his armor while the Winter Soldier was on the warpath. For any fan of the comics, it was clear that he was in trouble because he didn't have his suitcase suit of armor, nor did he have the means to call his armor to him. Fortunately, Stark had a plan in the Iron Man Gauntlet, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Tony built the Iron Man Gauntlet as a means of offense/defense when he was without his armor, and he engineered it into a small watch with a tiny Arc Reactor inside.

    Though they don't play too prominently in Iron Man's post-Iron Man appearances in the MCU, Arc Reactors are all over the place. The Iron Man Gauntlet (pictured) was encased in a special wristwatch, and if you look closely, you'll see a miniature Arc Reactor in the center. Several of his suits of armor required specialized Arc Reactors, while others required several in order to function. The Hulkbuster suits used several Arc Reactors spread all over the suit. Each limb, the torso, and other pieces all had their own Arc Reactor providing individual power throughout.

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