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16 Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Make A Ton of Sense

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It's tough to be a Marvel fan after Endgame. With the MCU on a temporary hold, fans are rehashing the past events of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and coming up with fresh fan theories. These mind-blowing theories about MCU villains like Loki and Red Skull are not only plausible, but a ton of fun. 

If you've ever wondered if Thanos has a back up plan, you're not alone. Browse below and vote up the best fan theories about MCU villains!

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    Thanos Used Calculated Moves To Subdue The Hulk

    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/mybustersword:

    It involves martial arts and skill, as well as knowledge of anatomy, the Hulk, and how his strength works. If Thanos is aware of Hulk as a being that gets stronger with anger, Thanos knows he has to interrupt that process internally. The Avengers know it as well, which is why they try to calm him down with soft talk.

    Thanos accomplishes this with targeted strikes. If you notice re-watching the first fight scene, Thanos' first strike is to Hulk's neck. In fact, the next few strikes are to his neck and chin. These areas are vital and attacks to these areas disrupt the flow of oxygen by restricting the ability to breathe, and disorient the brain by concussive force. Thanos' next attacks are to Hulks kidneys. Boxers and MMA fighters report on the effects of kidney strikes as debilitating and even paralyzing.

    Each shot by Thanos is specifically calculated to immobilize Hulk, impact his internal organs and his adrenal glands, slow his ability to think and mentally stun him. Hulk get mad if he can't think, and Thanos knows this. His attacks are fast and in quick succession, allowing him to take Hulk by surprise and strike in just the right spots to incapacitate him.

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    Why Red Skull Was Deformed And Steve Rogers Wasn't

    Photo: Captain America: The First Avenger / Paramount Pictures

    From Redditor u/rafael-a:

    Bacteria is the answer. In the scene of the transformation of skinny Steve Rogers into big buff Captain America there is a small joke where Erskine injects him penicillin beforehand. The penicillin shot was much more important than it seems, because human body is full of bacteria, and the Super Serum would enhance microbes as well, therefore they should be killed beforehand.

    In the movie it is shown that Johan “Red Skull” Schmidt injected the serum by himself, it worked but it also enhanced the bacteria, the grow in such a way that they destroyed the skin of his face (and maybe entire body), and it would have killed him if he wasn’t enhanced as well, so his body is in a constant battle against super microbes and that messed up his face.

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    The Asgardians Thought The Collector Would Finish Collecting The Stones

    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/ValhallaAtchaBoy:

    Why did the Asgardians give such a powerful item to a being who is clearly untrustworthy and a bit unstable? Even if they don't want to keep it with the Tesseract in the vault at Asgard, surely there's a safer place somewhere in the Nine Realms they could hide it.

    Thor knew what he was doing: The Collector is obsessed with collecting. Once he had one Infinity Stone, he would be obsessively driven to complete his collection. They could watch him from afar and let him do the dirty work of scouring the galaxy, seeking out the stones that were still hidden.

    This proved to work in Guardians of the Galaxy, when The Collector contacted Gamora and offered to pay her to bring him the Orb. Without Tivan's interference, the stone likely would have gone directly to Ronan, the Guardians wouldn't have a reason to join together, Xandar would be destroyed, and Thanos would have got the Power Stone much earlier.

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    Star-Lord Had To Punch Thanos

    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/HansDanz:

    Doctor Strange saw all 14,000,605 outcomes of the battle and only foresaw one where the Avengers won. The fact that he didn’t stop Star-Lord from hitting Thanos already tells us this was part of the plan. Let’s think about what would happen if Star-Lord didn’t do the thing. The Avengers would have gauntlet off... and then what? Tony, Peter, Stephen, Drax, Nebula, Quill and Mantis were too weak to handle the gauntlet at that point, only Thanos and Bruce were strong enough to do it without dying.

    Destroying the stones would be the only way to end the aforementioned cycle of villains fighting the Avengers over the stones since there aren’t any left. It was imperative that Thanos got the stones and destroyed them afterwards. To ensure there would never be any fights or resulting casualties over the stones ever again.

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