MCU Villains, Ranked By How Likely It Is They'll Come Back In Another Movie

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A villain hasn't really shuffled off the mortal coil unless you see the body, and for the Marvel villains on this list, that might not even be true. In the world of Marvel comics, death is merely an intermission, meaning any of these deceased Marvel villains could come back to life. 

Comic book characters are constantly resurrected because their stories are forever ongoing. A character will perish, but five years later, a writer will have an idea for that character again, and suddenly they're not so deceased. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is past 20 films now, and it's on track to be as ongoing as the comics it's based on. As the films keep coming out, the writers may decide some villains got cut out a little too soon, and they want to play with them some more. 

Here's a list of the most likely Marvel villains to return from the great beyond. Some of these characters are clearly kaput but have a comic book precedent to come back to life; others have caused fans to theorize about whether they ever really passed at all. 

  • Loki's demise in Infinity War made the announcement of a Loki television series a little confusing. The show's creators have now confirmed that the TV show won't follow the original Loki that perished in Infinity War, but will instead follow a Loki of a branching timeline created in Endgame after Loki took the cosmic cube and ran.

    This Loki will apparently be traveling through time, which brings up the possibility of a cameo featuring the original Loki. If Loki is traveling around, he may hear rumors of his heroic deeds in the future.

    This would confuse and intrigue this alternate Loki, since he made his escape after his attack on Earth and hasn't done any of the small-but-significant good deeds seen in The Dark World and Ragnarok. He could become curious enough about that version of Loki that he would visit him seeking answers. 

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  • In Infinity War, it is revealed that Red Skull has been bonded to the Soul Stone as its eternal guardian. Then, Thanos takes the Soul Stone, leaving Red Skull without a job. This left fans with a lot of questions - most importantly, can the Red Skull leave? The answer, according to the film's directors? Yes. 

    This sets the stage for an even scarier Red Skull to return in a future film, as he now has the knowledge he gained while serving at the will of the stones. 

    We would be remiss not to mention the comic precedent for Red Skull's return, as well, as this character has been cloned more times than he's tried to take over the world (both of which he's done a lot). Red Skull's return makes a lot of sense narratively at the moment, as forcing Falcon and the Winter Soldier to go up against one of Cap's greatest foes without his help would be a great proving ground for the characters. 

    It's also possible that audiences could see an adaptation take advantage of the Red Skull's daughter "Sin," a character Falcon actually fought during his run as Captain America in the comics. 

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  • The entire threat of the being known as He Who Remains is his timelessness. He’s not just inevitable, he’s omnipresent in time as an individual who will crop up in every alternate timeline eventually and, in most cases, seek to start conquering those timelines around him with great haste. 

    That’s why He Who Remains tells Sylvie Laufeydottir that he’ll see her soon when she thrusts a sword through his heart, and that’s why a statue more closely resembling his “Kang the Conqueror” persona is already present when Loki returns to the TVA. It’s exactly what He Who Remains warns of, that his dominant presence was the only thing keeping the other hims at bay. 

    He Who Remains, or at least an alternate version of him, isn’t just coming back to the MCU. He’s already there, and he’s always been there. For Kang, it’s never a matter of if, only when - and “when” is his specialty. 

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  • Hela is a force so powerful that her brothers Thor and Loki had to give up trying to stop her. It's clear that even together, they were no match for this god of death. Fortunately, they knew someone who was. As prophecy foretold, Surtur, a massive lava demon, was destined to bring an end to Asgard in an event known as Ragnarok.

    There was no better time for this event to happen than when Asgard was controlled by Hela, so Thor and Loki evacuated their people and called upon Surtur to end their world. Since Hela doesn't back down from a fight, she engaged Surtur directly. However, she quickly lost, and it appears that Surtur's massive blade did her in.

    If you look really closely, or watch the scene in slo-mo, you can see that Hela actually disappeared into a puff of green smoke and light. This has caused fans online to theorize that she used her powers of teleportation to disappear. And if that's the case, she'll probably show up later on to give Thor - or the new Jane Foster/Thor - some trouble.

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  • After his defeat at the hands of Thor and co., audiences last saw the Grandmaster in the Thor: Ragnarok post-credits scene. In the scene, the Grandmaster is facing off against an army of revolutionaries and attempting to talk his way out of being executed. "You can't have a revolution without someone to rebel against," he says.

    The comedy of the scene works because, well, of course it's not going to work and they're going to take him out. On the other hand, we never see that happen on screen, leaving the door open for a Grandmaster return. Jeff Goldblum's portrayal of the character is rightly adored, and fans would be more than happy to see him cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder

    The comics version of the Grandmaster is an elder of the universe and possesses the power primordial. His abilities, along with your traditional enhanced strength and speed, include immortality. So, if the MCU Grandmaster shares this power, it's likely we'll see him turn up again somewhere in the universe. 

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  • In Avengers: Infinity War, when the Guardians first confront Thanos in Knowhere, the Collector can be seen alive in the room. Then once Thanos ends the Reality Stone's illusion, it's revealed that the room has been completely destroyed, and the Collector is nowhere to be found. This seems to imply that Thanos wiped him out, but Benecio del Toro himself revealed during a press junket that he doesn't think the Collector actually perished. 

    It's important to remember that the Collector from the comics is one of the oldest living beings in the entire universe. So, if anyone has the knowledge required to evade capture at the hands of Thanos, it's him. Also noteworthy from the comics version: When Thanos goes to the Collector to retrieve the gem, instead of threatening him, he bargains for it. He leaves him alive and gives the Collector a fellow elder of the universe to put into his collection. 

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