Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About MCU Villains' Weapons

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If you're like most people, thinking about the villains in the MCU means picturing the characters. People like Thanos, Ultron, Baron Zemo, and the rest are part of what makes the MCU such a compelling franchise. The bad guys may be impressive - but where would they be without their weapons? After all, without his giant army, huge deadly ship, and Infinity Gauntlet, what does Thanos bring to the table other than a weird purple chin and a nasty disposition?

It's a simple fact that while many of the villains of the MCU are impressive, many of them wouldn't be worth much in a fight without their weapons - and the MCU is filled to the brim with all manner of weapons. Because the focus is often on the characters, there are quite a few things you (probably) didn't know about MCU villains' weapons.

There's plenty the average MCU fan doesn't know about the many villain weapons spread throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This list aims to change that by going into detail on some of the most important weapons found in the MCU. Take a look at them down below, and be sure to upvote anything you didn't already know to see which MCU villain's weapon rises to the top!

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    The Destroyer Was Made Of The Same Metal As Mjolnir

    The Destroyer, sometimes referred to as the Destroyer Armor, was a semi-autonomous automaton that guarded Odin's Treasure Room. The impressive creation was controlled by whoever wielded Gungnir, which is the powerful spear wielded by Odin. Technically, the Destroyer isn't normally considered a villain's weapon. Still, when Odin was out of the picture, Loki picked up Gungnir and used it to wipe out a small town and kill his brother, Thor.

    Granted, Thor got better, but he was nearly taken out permanently by the powerful Destroyer as it was controlled by Loki. The powerful automaton was constructed of Uru, the same metal Mjolnir was constructed from. The same metal was used to forge Stormbreaker and the Infinity Gauntlet. The Destroyer's primary weapon (aside from its strength and size) was the Odinforce Blast, which it emitted from its face aperture. The powerful beam attack was capable of vaporizing anything it hit (except for a fully powered Thor).

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    Yondu's Weapon Was Feared Across The Galaxy

    Yondu Udonta's time in the MCU can easily be summed up as a character redemption arc. When he died, he was one of the good guys, but for most of his life, he was a Ravager. Ravagers are the pirates of the spaceways, and at one point, Yondu was kicked out of the disparate "organization" due to his trafficking of kidnapped children. He ultimately redeemed himself, but for most of his life, Yondu was a villain, and he carried a weapon feared across the galaxy.

    Yondu's favorite toy was his Yaka Arrow, which was created by the Centaurian people from Yaka, a sonically sensitive type of metal forged by the Centaurians. With nothing but a whistle, Yondu could control his arrow and make it fly wherever and through whoever he wanted. There is no defense against the weapon, as it was shown to be able to easily fly through body armor, spacecraft bulkheads, and whatever else got in his way. If you found yourself around Yondu and he started whistling, you better hope it has nothing to do with you.

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    The Infinity Gauntlet Was Designed To Protect The Wearer From The Infinity Stones

    The Infinity Gauntlet has an interesting history in the MCU. It was first seen in Thor in the background of Odin's treasure room. After that, Hela pushed the very same gauntlet to the ground, exclaiming that it was fake in Thor: Ragnarok. Eventually, Thanos decided to get the Infinity Stones for himself, revealing that he had in his possession the real Infinity Gauntlet in a post-credit scene at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    He got the Infinity Gauntlet from the Dwarves of Nidavellir. When they were done making it, he slaughtered all but one. He left Eitri breathing, though he destroyed his hands by smelting them in metal. The Infinity Gauntlet isn't your ordinary metal gauntlet made by giant Dwarves on a mythical forge powered by a star - it's special! The Infinity Gauntlet was designed with one specific purpose: to protect the wearer from the damage the Infinity Stones inflict on a person. Before its construction, using all six gems wasn't possible.

    That's why Tony Stark perished as a result of "snapping" once the Infinity Stones were transferred to his Iron Man gauntlet. It wasn't designed to take the load, and he succumbed to them as a result. Interestingly, the Infinity Gauntlet has another quirk engineered into it. Eitri ensured that it was made with a flaw, as it required the user to close their fist to activate the Stones embedded into it. This feature made it difficult for Thanos to use the Infinity Gauntlet when he was in close-quarters combat with the heroes of Earth, ultimately helping to save the universe from his reign of terror.

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    Corvus Glaive's Glaive Is Incredibly Powerful

    When the Black Order came to Earth, one of the first things they did was thrust a spear through Vision. This was a shocking development, seeing as Vision was constructed of vibranium, the most durable metal on Earth. The weapon that effortlessly backstabbed the Avenger was the primary weapon of Corvus Glaive. When it happened, Vision said that the blade stopped him from phasing, so within a few seconds of appearing on-screen, it was already an incredibly powerful weapon.

    The glaive doesn't get a lot of screentime in the MCU, but when it is shown, it's often used to deadly effect. It was the weapon Thanos chose to use to kill Heimdall before making its way to Earth, and it nearly cost Vision his life during the Battle of Wakanda. Fortunately for Vision, Captain America stepped into the fight. Just before Glaive was about to kill Cap, Vision grabbed the weapon and killed its owner from behind. 

    The reason the glaive is so incredibly deadly is due to its ability to literally split atoms. At least, that's true in the comics, and while it wasn't discussed in the MCU, it would account for its ability to cut through vibranium like butter.

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    The Tesseract Wasn't A Weapon - But It Sure Functioned Like One

    In Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract is presented as one of Odin's greatest treasures, and for a good reason. It's seen as a limitless power source. When you're engaged in a campaign of world domination, unlimited energy is an enticing prospect, and the Red Skull was all over it. He took the Tesseract to his Hydra base and handed it over to Dr. Arnim Zola. From there, Zola was able to devise a way to siphon off energy from the Tesseract and place it into specially designed batteries.

    These small energy packs powered Hydra's weapons, making them all but unstoppable. This was the first instance the Tesseract was used as a weapon, but it wasn't the last. When Loki attempted to take over the Earth in The Avengers, his plan was to use the Tesseract to open a portal to Chitauri space. From there, he commanded an army of Chitauri at the Battle of New York. Any energy source that can instantly transport military forces across a galaxy makes it an incredibly effective weapon, even if it wasn't entirely designed to function as one.

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    The Chitauri Created Loki's Scepter To Contain The Mind Stone

    While it's never been made clear how they got their hands on it, the Chitauri were somehow in possession of the Mind Stone. Because it's dangerous to have an Infinity Stone laying around, they created a special device to contain the powerful artifact. At some point, this was expanded into a weapon, and it made its way into Thanos's hands. For another unexplained reason, Thanos then gave the scepter to Loki so he could retrieve the Tesseract (Space Stone).

    The scepter (and the Mind Stone within it) became one of the most influential weapons in the MCU. In Loki's hands, the scepter was used to corrupt a small army of people, including Hawkeye. It was later used to break the link to close the portal opened via the Tesseract. After it found its way into Hydra's hands, it empowered the Maximoff twins into becoming two incredibly powerful beings. After that, it formed the basis of Ultron's consciousness and gave life (and power) to Vision. Many of the MCU's most important events couldn't have taken place without it.

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