Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About MCU Weapons

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If you're like most people, thinking about the MCU means picturing the characters. People like Spider-Man, Captain America, Groot, and all the rest are the franchise's primary focus, but they're not the beginning and the end of the MCU. The characters may be impressive - but where would they be without their weapons? As Tony Stark once put it, without his armor, he's "a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist," and while that's impressive, it doesn't win in a fight, hence, Iron Man.

Cap doesn't go anywhere without his trusty shield... except for a bit after Civil War, but he's hard to picture without it. It's a simple fact that while the characters are impressive, many of them wouldn't be worth much in a fight without their weapons - and the MCU is filled to the brim with all manner of weapons. Because the focus is often on the people, there are quite a few things you (probably) didn't know about MCU weapons.

There's plenty the average MCU fan doesn't know about the many weapons spread throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This list aims to change that by going into detail on some of the most important weapons found in the MCU. Take a look at them down below, and be sure to upvote anything you didn't already know to see which MCU weapon rises to the top!

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    Stormbreaker Somewhat Replaces Heimdall

    Heimdall was more than Thor's friend; he was also the gatekeeper to the Bifrost. By using his sword Hofund, Heimdall could unlock the Bifrost and send someone anywhere (or bring them back from wherever he sent them). This was an incredibly useful mode of transportation, and Heimdall wasn't limited to the Bifrost itself. In Avengers: Infinity War, he managed to send the Hulk back to Earth from aboard a starship, so he was powerful.

    Unfortunately, Thanos did away with him, eliminating the unique travel ability Heimdall possessed... or did he? Yes, Thanos killed him, but Heimdall's transportation power wasn't lost forever. Stormbreaker is a powerful magical weapon, and like Mjolnir, it is heavily enchanted. Granted, it has no worthiness enchantment, but what it does have is the ability to transport its user anywhere in the cosmos by channeling dimensional energy to summon the Bifrost. Thor used this ability soon after Stormbreaker was created, as it allowed him to transport himself, Rocket, and Groot to the ongoing battle in Wakanda.

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    The Power Of The Ten Rings Is Proportional

    The Ten Rings were introduced into the MCU via Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as a mystical and ancient artifact carried by Xu Wenwu. With the Ten Rings, he built a criminal empire, and thanks to the longevity the Ten Rings bestowed upon him, he commanded his empire for a thousand years. The Ten Rings do more than keep the wearer young; they can also grant the wearer numerous powers, including increased strength.

    When the Ten Rings are worn, they grant enhancements to a person's strength, and they do so proportionally. This means that a person who wears five rings on each arm has five times the added strength. It also means that putting all 10 rings on a single arm grants 10 times the added strength. Xu Wenwu always wore five on each arm to evenly distribute the benefit to both of his arms. His son followed suit but in a different fashion. At one point, Shang-Chi wore five rings on his leg, enhancing the strength of his kick. They can also be used to enhance a person's jumping ability in the same way.

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    Tony Stark Created 85 Suits Of Armor In The MCU

    Tony Stark was the kind of inventor who always wanted to one-up himself. Whenever he created a suit of Iron Man armor, he engineered away any of the weaknesses found in previous models. This meant that each successive suit of armor was built better than the last. Granted, some were purpose-built for specific reasons, like the Hulkbuster armors, but most were designed to be worn by Tony as his primary Iron Man suit.

    Most of his suits were destroyed when his house was blasted to pieces by Aldrich Killian's goons in Iron Man 3, but he continued to tinker after that. He incorporated as much new technology as he could into the armor, which is why he's sporting a fully functional nanotech suit of armor in Avengers: Infinity War. When the battle was lost, he continued to work on his tech, building Pepper's "Rescue" armor, but he also worked on his primary design. His final suit, the Mark LXXXV armor, was his 85th creation, and it was arguably his best, as it enabled him to wield the Infinity Stones.

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    Tony Stark Integrated Numerous Upgraded Arc Reactors Into His Tech

    While all of his suits of armor can be pointed to as some of Tony Stark's best inventions, none of them would have been worth their weight in titanium were it not for the miniature Arc Reactor. Tony's father first invented the tech decades earlier, but it was as large as a building. Tony figured out a way to miniaturize the technology while working in a cave with scraps, so you had to know he wasn't done tinkering with the tech.

    Though they don't play too prominently in Iron Man's subsequent appearances in the MCU, Arc Reactors are all over the place. The Iron Man Gauntlet (pictured) was encased in a special wristwatch, and if you look closely, you'll see a miniature Arc Reactor in the center. Several of his suits of armor required specialized Arc Reactors, while others required several in order to function. The Hulkbuster suits used several Arc Reactors spread all over the suit. Each limb, the torso, and other pieces all had their own Arc Reactor providing individual power throughout.

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    Mjolnir's Enchantments Are Vast

    Mjolnir is, or rather, was, an amazing weapon, and it has a long history in the MCU. It was created for Odin, and he used it for a while during his conquering phase. He then handed it down to his daughter, Hela. She used it similarly, but when Odin had a change of heart, he took the hammer from Hela, banished her to Hel, and eventually passed Mjolnir down to Thor. The weapon may not have been made for the God of Thunder, but its unique capabilities perfectly suited him.

    Mjolnir had numerous capabilities, some of which were more obvious than others. It could help channel lightning and enable a sort of flight. It could also channel different forms of energy, and because of its worthiness enchantment, it was impossible for most to move it. Another interesting ability the hammer had was that it could be used to generate or alter the user's clothing. Thor did this a couple of times in the MCU.

    When he regained his worthiness, the hammer clothed him in his battle armor (it also brought him back to life after the Destroyer ended him). When Thor went looking for Odin on Midgard (Earth), the hammer was used to mask his Asgardian clothing. He appeared to be wearing regular street clothing while carrying an umbrella. When he later smashed the umbrella's point down onto the ground, he was immediately and magically re-clothed in his Asgardian garb, while the umbrella became Mjolnir once more.

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    Hawkeye's Bow And Quiver Are Masterfully Designed Weapons Of War

    Having a superhero whose greatest ability is his archery marksmanship is kind of silly... and it's joked about enough throughout the MCU. That said, Hawkeye has proven himself in battle after battle as an efficient and necessary combatant. He's gone up against terrorists, aliens, and an Asgardian god. In each instance, he stood his ground, using his trusty bow and quiver of arrows to get the job done. After all, an arrow is lethal... especially if it's tipped with something particularly nasty.

    Hawkeye's recursive bow is designed to collapse down into the handle. When needed, Hawkeye can push a button, instantly reassembling the bow. The bow has four buttons along the grip, lined up to Hawkeye's finger placement. The buttons can be used in conjunction with his quiver to select specific arrows. This makes it possible for him to reach back to the same position for each arrow, and depending on which buttons he presses, he can pull out a harpoon arrow, exploding arrow, or whatever he needs for a given situation.

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