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The Dumbest Decisions in the MCU

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Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe stands as the model of successful superhero movies, these films feature engaging characters who just so happen to make some truly dumb choices. Thankfully, the long list of MCU bad decisions might just be why we love these movies so much. Instead of perfect heroes who innately know the right thing to do, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with complex personalities. Each character deals with their own sense of morality and pride, both of which cloud their perception of the right path. Do our heroes want to save the world? Of course. But do they also want everyone to believe they're the smartest/fastest/strongest/etc. person in the room? Unfortunately, yes. 

However, it's not just the heroes who struggle with dumb decisions. Many of the villains, political leaders, and supporting characters engage in their fair share of stupidity. In this universe, foolishness is a trait that can afflict any individual. Whether human, alien, or another life form, any creature has the capacity to allow their ineptitude to interfere with their ultimate plans and goals.

Thankfully, the MCU bad decisions add some much-needed color and humanity to these movies. We appreciate that each character is dealing with their own human problems. At the same time, however, we're not going to let them live down their stupid choices. Keep reading for a full list of the most ridiculous decisions in the MCU, and decide for yourself if you think they're dumb. 

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    Peter Quill Punches Thanos And Dooms Half The Universe

    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    In Avengers: Infinity War, Earth's Mightiest Heroes face off against their most formidable opponent yet: Thanos. Thanos plans to retrieve all six Infinity Stones and use them to wipe out half the world's population and restore what he refers to as "balance." Every MCU hero bands together to stop him, leading to a confrontation on Titan where the heroes distract Thanos, allowing Mantis to subdue him while Peter Parker and Tony Stark try to pry the gauntlet holding the Infinity Stones from Thanos's arm. Although half the world is at stake, Peter Quill can think of nothing other than Gamora, whom Thanos captured and ended earlier in the film. When Quill finds out that Gamora is gone, he loses all sense of reason and punches Thanos multiple times. Quill's punch breaks Mantis's fragile connection to Thanos, allowing him to regain his strength, fight off the heroes, gain another Infinity Stone, and disappear. 

    Quill's reaction quite literally dooms half the universe. The heroes had this one chance to gain the upper hand, and Quill stupidly destroyed it. He was in pain and reacted to losing the love of his life - but couldn't he have seen the bigger picture? His punches did nothing to injure Thanos. His punches weren't going to bring Gamora back. All Quill accomplished was allowing Thanos to escape and wreak havoc on the Earth. It's such a dumb decision that it's almost painful to think about. 

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    Drax Informs Ronan Of The Guardians' Whereabouts So He Can Face Him In Battle

    Photo: Guardians of the Galaxy / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Drax the Destroyer is a rather unstable member of the team in Guardians of the Galaxy. Ronan ended his wife and daughter, and Drax wants revenge more than anything in the world. Unfortunately, his desire to take down Ronan leads to some pretty stupid decisions. When the guardians head to Knowhere to potentially sell the Orb to the Collector, Drax grows tired of waiting to face Ronan, so he calls the villain and tells him where he and the other Guardians are. 

    If there were some plan in place or if Drax had any idea what he was walking into, his call to Ronan might have been justified. However, Drax has no plan to take down Ronan. He simply charges him and hopes for the best, which obviously doesn't work out very well, considering Ronan's substantial power. By rushing to face his opponent, Drax puts the entire team in danger and allows Ronan to take control of the Infinity Stone within the Orb. His call almost ruins everything and Drax gains nothing for himself. It's a dumb, poorly thought-out decision. Sorry, Drax. 

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    Tony Invites The Mandarin To Attack Him, But Doesn't Send Pepper Away

    Although Tony Stark is an egomaniac with narcissistic tendencies, he proves again and again that he truly cares for Pepper Potts. He's constantly trying to save her life, often apologizing for putting her in danger. As much as he wants to protect Pepper, however, he directly puts in her danger in Iron Man 3. 

    After Happy Hogan is attacked, supposedly by the Mandarin, Tony Stark gives his home address on TV, basically inviting the Mandarin to attack him. However, even though he should be expecting a battle soon, he doesn't bother to send the love of his life away. Pepper tries to get Stark to leave, but he insists that he can't protect her anywhere else but at home, despite the fact that he's literally expecting an attack. When Stark's house is bombed, he and Pepper are still at home, totally oblivious to the incoming attack until it's too late. 

    Why wouldn't Tony send Pepper away the second he gave his home address? Not only is it a selfish decision, but it's also plain stupid. Since he's so concerned about protecting Pepper, Stark is barely able to fight back against the attack. He puts on his Iron Man suit with barely a moment to spare and escapes his home, leaving Pepper alone anyway. He should have sent her away immediately, thereby protecting his love and ensuring that he could actually fend off the impending attack. 

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    Captain America's Superiors Force Him To Be A Performer Rather Than An Actual Soldier

    Photo: Captain America: The First Avenger / Paramount Pictures

    In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers undergoes Dr. Erskine's procedure and transforms into a Super Soldier, the second in existence and the only successful transformation. Sadly, Rogers gets a chance to show off his new abilities right away when a German spy attacks the lab, takes out Dr. Erskine, and escapes with the last of the Super Soldier serum. Rogers pursues the villain, showing off superhuman speed, agility, and strength that no man alive can equal. Despite showing off some serious skills, however, Rogers's superiors task him with being a performer rather than an actual soldier. They enlist him in the United Service Organizations and send him traveling across the country, where he uses his newfound celebrity to promote war bonds and perform musical numbers. 

    Steve Rogers is the first successful Super Soldier in existence. He is quite literally created to act as a special weapon for the US armed forces and change the tide of WWII. After Erskine's passing, however, everyone decides that Rogers is better off as a performer, where none of his many skills are being put to good use. It's truly a nonsensical decision. Why would you transform someone into a weapon and then force them to perform musical numbers? It's a waste of useful skills, a waste of Rogers's talent, and a waste of everyone's time. 

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