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The Dumbest Decisions in the MCU

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Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe stands as the model of successful superhero movies, these films feature engaging characters who just so happen to make some truly dumb choices. Thankfully, the long list of MCU bad decisions might just be why we love these movies so much. Instead of perfect heroes who innately know the right thing to do, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with complex personalities. Each character deals with their own sense of morality and pride, both of which cloud their perception of the right path. Do our heroes want to save the world? Of course. But do they also want everyone to believe they're the smartest/fastest/strongest/etc. person in the room? Unfortunately, yes. 

However, it's not just the heroes who struggle with dumb decisions. Many of the villains, political leaders, and supporting characters engage in their fair share of stupidity. In this universe, foolishness is a trait that can afflict any individual. Whether human, alien, or another life form, any creature has the capacity to allow their ineptitude to interfere with their ultimate plans and goals.

Thankfully, the MCU bad decisions add some much-needed color and humanity to these movies. We appreciate that each character is dealing with their own human problems. At the same time, however, we're not going to let them live down their stupid choices. Keep reading for a full list of the most ridiculous decisions in the MCU, and decide for yourself if you think they're dumb.