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31 Memes That Only People Who Love Self-Deprecation Will Appreciate

The era of insult comics ended a long time ago. People appreciate when you make fun of yourself rather than someone else. Instead of punching down, punching inward is not only more relatable, it's funnier. Here's a collection of memes from the subreddit r/meirl, which means "Me In Real Life," that prove this point. If you didn't know what "meirl" stood for, just admit. People will like you more. 

Photo: u/FairDinkemAussie / Reddit

  • 1. Too Many Passwords, So Little Time

    Too Many Passwords, So Little Time
    Photo: u/AkiraTensei / Reddit
    2,150 votes
  • 2. Dial Up Brain

    Dial Up Brain
    Photo: u/igatt / Reddit
    2,338 votes
  • 3. Cruel Timing

    Cruel Timing
    Photo: u/9w_lf9 / Reddit
    2,306 votes
  • 4. Oh, Swell

    Oh, Swell
    Photo: Twitter
    1,462 votes
  • 5. Bed Is Life

    Bed Is Life
    Photo: u/nameaboveallnames / Reddit
    2,235 votes
  • 6. I Can't Hear You!

    I Can't Hear You!
    Photo: u/MaesterCrow / Reddit
    2,612 votes