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Blue Jays May Be Cute, But They're Airborne Jerks Of The Highest Order

Don't let their beauty or fact that they have a baseball team named after them deter you from thinking blue jay birds aren't a bunch of airborne jerks. They may be protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, but sometimes it seems other birds are the ones who need protection from mean blue jays. Dive bombing, stealing food, and even eating their victims babies are just a few of the intimidation tactics from the spooky smart blue jays.

Blue jays can be found east of the Rocky Mountains throughout North America and have commonly been spotted living near cities. They are related to crows and ravens and other genius corvid birds who have amazing intelligence and abilities. Blue jays may not hold court like crows, but they can mimic the cries of hawks, use tools, and work together in groups. If you've ever witnessed a blue jay going after another bird or even a human, you may have wondered "why are blue jays aggressive?" Here's a look at what's up with these blue jay jerks.