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The Cast Of 'Mean Girls': Where Are They Now?

In the years since Mean Girls tried to make fetch happen, the ripples of the 2004 teen classic still resonate today. Thanks to Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” video, Mean Girls leaped back into the cultural consciousness in late 2018, but you might be wondering: where’s the Mean Girls cast now? Many cast members in Mean Girls are comedy royalty, so it’s not a shocker that they’ve been busy since they appeared in one of the greatest teen comedies of all time.

The Mean Girls cast appears all over the place. If you're a comedy fan, you've definitely seen at least one star from this landmark flick in another film or show. Actually, just turn on literally any network TV show, and you'll find someone from Mean Girls on there. The following list looks at what the Mean Girls cast is up to right now, combining memories of the film and a look at some Mean Girls behind-the-scenes secrets. If you’re wondering what Lindsay Lohan’s up to right now, or what happened to Lacey Chabert, keep scrolling, and remember to wear pink on Wednesdays. And don't forget to check out these other movies and TV shows like Mean Girls!