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The 13 Most Brutal Public Pranks of All Time

From dressing up a little demon girl, to convincing a man that he is about to die, to convincing a supermodel that she has a naked stalker that has kidnapped her neighbor, here are 13 pranks that could have honestly killed a person with a weak enough heart. These jokesters are the real deal, and they just don't give a flying f*ck who they put in mortal danger.

What are the most bizarre public pranks of all time? How about a man dressed as a toilet? How about a harrowing Japanese practical joke in which a man believes he's about to be shot by a sniper? There are some sadistic people out there who get a kick out of watching people soil themselves in fear, and these are the best of those epic practical jokes.
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    Sniper Prank on Innocent Japanese Man

    Video: YouTube

    This is a classic. If you haven't seen this one, be ready for a whole bath tub of awesome.

    A Japanese television station engineered this horribly terrifying (and perfectly executed) prank that starts with four guys in the middle of an important business meeting when BAM! a sniper comes in and shoots everyone. Well, "shoots everyone," but don't tell the one guy who's out of the loop 'cause he's still trying to crawl the f*ck out of there ASAP.

    The sniper manages to catch the poor guy, attempts to drag him out of the building and then informs him that the whole thing was just a BIG FAT PRANK. Right as the man was most likely thinking about what was on his internet history. The man is whimpering for his life in Japanese, most likely saying "no no, you go to Data, then History and just set it to Clear All."

    Of course, as this horribly politically incorrect incident is going on, the audience at home is just laughing their asses off at the poor man's impending doom--or rather, embarrassment, once he finds out that he was just part of a television prank and not a sniper scheme.

    You'd never be able to do this in America without a huge lawsuit that would cancel the show. To Catch a Predator REALLY needs to come back on television.l
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    A Man's Possessions Are Posted on Craigslist as FREE While He's Away

    An Oregon man recently fell victim to a fake Craigslist ad advertising all of his worldly possessions available for pick up... for free!

    According to Detective Sgt. Colin F*gan of the Jackson County Sheriff's department, the ad claimed that Robert Salisbury, of Jacksonville, "was forced to leave the area suddenly and his belongings, including a horse, were free for the taking."

    Salisbury was alerted of the issue by a phone call from a woman about his horse and questions about, you know, how to load it into her truck and all that. He rushed home, and on the way, attempted to stop another truck filled with his equipment, which included ladders, a lawn mower and a weed whacker.

    The men informed him that he had no claim to the property, flashed the craigslist ad in his face and drove off.

    After the police arrived, they sent out an advisory that everyone who had taken items should return them and there'd be "no questions asked."

    However, if they do decide to keep the home and gardening tools (which seem to be the bulk of the man's possessions which means he was either a neat freak or a serial killer) and are found with the items later, they would face criminal charges.

    So take a mental note: fake craigslist ad advertising your buddy's stuff is just not cool, especially when there is a horse involved. Cause how the hell are you gonna transport a horse? Wait... a... second....
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    Supermodel Gets a Fake (Naked, Kidnapping) Stalker

    Video: YouTube

    Supermodel Elisabetta Canalis may be scarred for life because of this naked stalker prank, but dammit, beautiful people deserve to be pranked (and traumatized) too!

    One of Canalis' "friends" planned the entire stunt, spending nearly a week convincing Canalis that she had a stalker.

    The prank went a little like this: A naked man closes her garage door, and proceeds to rub up against the window of her car, attempting to seduce her with his extra plump package. Canalis freaks the f*ck out, screaming at him to get the f*ck away from her, wielding a baseball bat. The whole thing is filmed (to your left, you're welcome.)

    Worse yet, the producers of the project this was filmed for arranged that Canalis' neighbor be tied up in a box in the garage (just to make the whole thing borderline unfunny and terrifying, which just makes it awesome).

    So not only did Canalis think she had a stalker, she thought she had a crazy ass KIDNAPPING stalker, which honestly, I'd be more flattered about than anything else. This makes for great entertainment.

    Of course, at the end of the day, Canalis only requested that the pranksters pay for the damage done to her car.

    And that the pretend stalker gets tied up and thrown down a river. For another day and another prank.
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    That Creepy Ass Girl From The Ring IN YOUR HOTEL

    The developers of this Spanish language television show decided it would be great programming to scare the f*cking (not living) daylights out of people by having a small girl pose as a terrifying little kid in the same vein as the evil thing from The Ring and/or The Grudge. The one and only Kayako.

    On the show, a number of people pass by the Lilliputian, but the best reaction by far is the cleaning lady who just stands there, somewhat annoyed, yet still sort of afraid at the same time (it's called WORK ETHIC, people.) The teenage girls who run away screaming in the video below are also good for a quick chuckle:

    Scare Prank: Latin Comedy Show Dresses Up A Little Girl From "The Ring" To Scare People In A Hotel !