What Your Sleeping Positions Say About Who You Really Are

When we sleep, some of us curl up and some of us sprawl out. These different sleeping positions may not seem like a big deal, but some people believe the way you sleep reveals your character traits and personality. Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, believes he discovered the personality traits of sleeping positions after analyzing six different sleep positions among 1,000 survey participants. With regards to his research, he stated, "We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious posture says about us." 

Because it's such an important function, maybe the position you snooze in actually matters. From postures like "The Soldier" to "The Yearner," what does your sleeping position reveal about you? 

Photo: Back to the Future / Universal Pictures

  • The Log: You're Social And Easy-Going

    The Log: You're Social And Easy-Going
    Photo: Friends / NBC

    If you sleep on your side with your legs and both arms straight down, you're literally sleeping like a log. Log sleepers are believed to be even-tempered and social butterflies. They can be very trusting and sometimes gullible.

    If you have minor back pain, assuming the log position might be good as it keeps the spine straight.

  • The Baby: You're Strong But Sensitive

    The Baby: You're Strong But Sensitive
    Photo: Elf / New Line Cinema

    Also known as the fetal position, the sleepers who adopt the baby position lie on their side with their knees pulled up to their chest. Fetal sleepers are said to be sensitive with a tough exterior and may be reserved or more introverted.

    It's believed twice as many women sleep in the fetal position as men.

  • The Starfish: You're Friendly And Loyal

    People who sleep on their backs with their arms over their heads are known as starfish sleepers. They are said to make excellent friends, loyal and helpful with very good listening skills.

    Starfish also tend to stay out of the limelight. Because they lie on their back like a soldier sleeper, starfish can be snorers as well.

  • The Soldier: You're Reserved And Serious

    Soldier sleepers lie on their backs with both arms at their sides or on their chest. They tend to set very high standards for both themselves and others, and are often cool and quiet. Their lives can be extremely structured as they take organization seriously.

    Because soldiers sleep on their back, they may also be more prone to snoring.

  • The Yearner: You're Open Yet Cynical

    Those who sleep on their sides with their arms stretched out in front of them are known as yearners or reachers. People who adopt this position are open-minded, inviting, and tend to weigh all options carefully before making a decision. However, once they make a decision, they probably won't regret it or change their minds. 

    Yearners can also be cynical and suspicious but may experience less problems with acid reflux and sleep apnea than other sleepers.

  • The Thinker: You're An Emotional Rollercoaster

    If you sleep on your side with one hand resting under your chin, you might be a thinker (like the famous statue). Thinkers can be tough yet sensitive, with their emotional state always bouncing between the two. They may be adventurous one minute and shy the next.

    Thinkers are also often vulnerable to emotional hurts and upsets.