funny Meanwhile in 7-11...  

Nathan Davidson

7-11 is a magical place when you really think about it. 7-11 is one of the most dependable relationships you'll ever have in your entire life and it's not even a person. It's a place. A magical place, as I already stated. Because it's always there for you. It's always open. It has everything you need right when you need it. Which is now. At 3:47a.m. But just like a person that never sleeps, 7-11's can be a little, I don't know... weird. They never sleep! What do you expect?! Each 7-11 has its own unique personality and these funny 711 memes do more than prove that.

Most people have at least a little bit of experience with 7-11, and for those that don't, these images shouldn't turn you off from heading to a 7-11 as soon as you can for a slurpee, or toilet paper, or both! 711's are strange places, but they are great places too!
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Meanwhile in 7-11...