funny Meanwhile in Dubai. . . (33 WTF Pictures)  

Nathan Davidson
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If you're thinking about traveling to the United Arab Emirates sometime in the near future, then you should definitely add Dubai to your travel itinerary. To say that what happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai is a gross understatement, because the things that happen in Dubai don't happen anywhere else in the world. From the crazy bizarre to the just plain weird, Dubai is a one-stop shop for all of your all of your WTF needs. And if these 33 weird Dubai pictures don't convince you of that, then you might not be a Dubai kinda guy (or girl).

You may be throwing your garbage in a government provided bin or protecting your car with a mean guard dog, meanwhile in Dubai they're using Louis Vitton logos on trash cans and buying f***ing lions to protect their double-wide limos. And all those camels? WTF Dubai?

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Meanwhile in Dubai. . . (33 WTF Pictures)