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List of Mechanical Engineering Companies

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This list of the top mechanical engineering companies in the world compiles each by their prominence. This list of major mechanical engineering companies includes the largest and most profitable mechanical engineering businesses and corporations in the world. Corporate logos are provided to make your navigation even easier.

On this list, you'll find the most famous mechanical engineering companies in the industry. If you're looking for the best mechanical engineering jobs, then the small and big mechanical engineering businesses here will definitely provide some clues. Even for readers who aren't mechanical engineers, companies like Chemtech and TAEVision Multimedia will be familiar.

If you are wondering what the biggest mechanical engineering companies are, then this list has you covered. It also answers practical questions such as, "What are the biggest mechanical engineering companies in the world?" and "What are the most successful mechanical engineering companies?"
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    Apple Inc.

    Digital distribution, Consumer electronics
    Apple Inc., (NASDAQ: AAPL) formerly Apple Computer Inc., is an American multinational...  more
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    Mechanical Engineering
    Aviadvigatel OJSC is a developer and builder of aero-engines for Ilyushin Il-76MF, Ilyushin...  more
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    Mechanical Engineering
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    Information technology, Electrical engineering
    Chemtech provides engineering and IT consulting services, combining a deep process knowledge...  more
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    Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    Continuum is a design and innovation consultancy based in Newton, Massachusetts, with other...  more
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    E.C.H. Will

    Mechanical Engineering
    Will-Pemco is a German manufacturing company based in Wedel. It supplies machinery for the...  more
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    Ford Motor Company

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    GE Aviation

  • 9

    HAWE Hydraulik SE

    Mechanical Engineering
    HAWE Hydraulik SE produces hydraulic components and systems, with one consistent feature being...  more
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    Kirov Plant

    Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering
    The Kirov Plant, Kirov Factory or Leningrad Kirov Plant is a major Russian machine-building...  more
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    Körber Process Solutions

    Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering
    Körber Process Solutions is a division of the international technology group Körber. Körber...  more
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    Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • 14


    Mechanical Engineering
    Mechon is a British Mechanical Engineering company specializing in Environmental control. The...  more
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    Meyer Burger Technology

    Mechanical Engineering
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  • 17

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

  • 18


    Product design, User experience
    Pilotfish is a multidisciplinary design and innovation consultancy with offices in Amsterdam,...  more
  • 19

    RHL Design Group, Inc.

    Electrical engineering, Civil Engineering
    RHL Design Group, Inc. is a multi-discipline architectural and engineering firm. With 144...  more
  • 20

    Sparkfactor Design

    Mechanical Engineering
    Sparkfactor Design provides flexible product design resources through offices in Palo Alto,...  more
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    Infrastructure, Project management
    Stantec Inc. is an international professional services company in the design and consulting...  more
  • 22

    TAEVision Multimedia

    Computer Animation, Web development
    TAEVision Multimedia is a company specialized in the development of automotive web...  more
  • 23

    The Boeing Company

  • 24

    United States Department of Energy

  • 25

    Walt Disney Company