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Mechanics Reveal The Car Maintenance Issues You Should Be Worried About

Updated November 20, 2018 19 items
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The internet is a truly wonderful place to get advice. Whether you are seeking help for medical issues, want to know what to do when you run into financial problems, or figure out how to maintain your car, there are plenty of helpful tips from professionals who can share their wisdom. Just ask the mechanics of Reddit.

Motor vehicles are complicated machines, and there are plenty of common car issues you can encounter while on the road. It doesn't matter if your car is making a weird noise or showing an ambiguous warning light, you should get it checked before your engine blows off some literal steam. Luckily, these mechanics have the inside scoop when it comes to seemingly insignificant car issues you should know about before you're left stranded.

  • Get A Good Jack

    From Redditor /u/Johnstantine:

    Buy a good jack for your car. The ones they supply with the vehicle are sh*t and will add 30 minutes to an hour of time to get the spare tire on in the event that you get a flat. They're like $40 for a decent one, but they will save you so much time and frustration. So worth the investment.

  • Learn To Change A Car Tire

    From Redditor /u/TheLoneGunwoman:

    Learn how to change a tire! Even if you have AAA, you never know. It's very easy, there are YouTube tutorials out there. Make sure you have a jack and all the tools you need, mine are underneath the front passenger seat.

  • Have Some Simple Tools Ready For Quick Fixes

    From Redditor /u/thechosenone16:

    Keep a basic ratchet/tool kit in your trunk along with a set of jumper cables. This will save you tons of time if you ever have a dead battery or need a simple fix on the go.

  • Always Drive Smoothly

    From Redditor /u/kswervedirt:

    Mechanic and local racer here! Be smooth on every input you give your car. Easy on the gas, easy on the brakes. Don't take corners at a speed that makes the car lean over a bunch. Every part of that thing can flex or wear only so much before eventual failure. I watch people ragging their vehicles out all over town and it kills me.